Blog: Grab Bag, Part 1

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If your name is listed, your grab bag item has been shipped! Upon receiving, please email and send a pic of your item, and it will be forwarded to me! A few names may have escaped this list (this project is a big undertaking!) so a few of you may get surprised! I will be doing part 2 in the coming two weeks and you will be notified when your item has shipped. This 48-hour flash sale (launched December 20, 2017) originally started as a tee shirt grab bag, but, due to the overwhelming response, I have even happily parted with some stage costumes and other goodies! Items are of different values, but none more or less important to me than the next. Goodies range from umbrellas to hats to sequined dresses. I used judgement on what and where to sign, and – in particular – if a piece of stage clothing went to a guy, I signed it assuming that you, the guy (lol), would be displaying it and not wearing it, though… one never knows! 🙂  Any who, I look forward to doing this more in the future, as it has been cathartic and fun so far. I am NOT the best organizer, so my home looks like the north pole well into the new year. and the pad I keep in LA with the rest of my stuff will shortly as well. Oh, I did not have sizes, etc., so I did not match clothing to bodies, etc. I had to throw caution to the wind, due to the high volume, but feel free to trade, if you want! Stay tuned and I look forward to hearing of your packages arriving and thank you again for continuing to support me and #TeamDeb in all our personal, professional, and charitable endeavors!

Brian Alvarez
Erin Griffith
Melissa Erickson
Joanie Perin
Tonya Tatro
Jason Markus
Ricky Morgan
Rocelyn Dalagan
Jill Eckhart
Sammy Hall
Lee Gale
Tamara Armstrong
Jenny Corriveau
Shawn Winstain
Tim Umbarger
Matthew Whitley
Ryan Lawson
Shannon Phillipaitis
Leonard Giordano
Andrea Kent
Ken Reid
Jennifer Smith
Michele Hickey
Samantha Nash
Kimberly Weaver
Victor Wong
Jennifer Smith
Lynne Rice
Danielle Pavony
Lynton Towler
Kokchew Cheang
Colin Bytheway
Clark Pemberton
John Quinlan
Man Ho Fung Anthony
Nicholas Tanner
Tara Goertzen
Carmen K Woo
Matthew Smith
Morgan Donelson
Mary Farrell
Randy Ruder
Michael Brown
Daniel Carmen
Payg Harmony
Michelle Nardelli
Shiry Gaash
Cheryl Steindl
Linda Cain
Jen Schimmenti
Kathleen Ellis
Christopher Guzzo
Angie Luzadder
Simon Brown
Susan York
Victoria Spedale
Chris Hall
Rebecca Paquette
Andrew Baker
Marie Grupp
Stephanie Fowler
Becky Barton
Jackie Lowe
Judy Ryan
Margaret Johnson