Songs Unsung

From Debbie:
I have so many songs in notebooks that I’ve never recorded. I decided to open up the vaults and share some with you in #ProjectSongsUnsung!
I will send you a tear sheet from one of my notebooks. It may be a one page idea or a completed song. It will be signed and numbered because, we all know that true #Debheads will be amongst the first to have these!
The way I write is unique. I joke that it looks likes hieroglyphics uncovered in an ancient cave. I write out notes by letter, chords, lyrics, and timing. I usually write on the right page of the notebook and continue on the left.  I will notate if there is writing on the back !
It does my heart good to think of my unreleased music being cherished and celebrated in the happy home of a loyal #Debhead ! I can’t wait to share this gift of music with you all!
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