Blog: A traveling broad… er, traveling abroad!

Hey Everyone! I feel so lost without Twittering 🙂 My World phone is not being very worldly and won’t work over here! Arrived at Heathrow to connect to Dublin only to wait all day for delayed flights then to get word the airport had shut down for the first snowfall in 18 yrs! We finally got out at 9AM the next morning – well, that was the scheduled time. But, with runway delays on both sides we were not in a taxi til 1:15 and the wedding was at 2! (I am here attending a wedding) So, we changed IN the taxi – thank God I had experience changing costumes between club gigs in 1986/87 – and arrived at the church right at 2. It was a comedy of errors so, now the trip has consisted mainly of catching up on much needed sleep from working up until the minute before leaving LA and lugging bags and carts, etc…. So – anywho – unless my phone gets fixed, I won’t be twittering til Feb 14th but will try to shoot off an email update soon!

Hope all of you are well! X DEB


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