Already Gone Lyrics

“Already Gone”

by Deborah Gibson

Don’t you know I know that you’re cowardly.
Cause you’re tryin’ but, you can’t break up with me.
Tip my hat, yeah, I been there done that.
Been a trophy, a trinket.
Don’t say it, I know you think it.
My bags are packed, one foot’s out the door.

I can’t take it anymore.
You say who cares?
You don’t have to, I’m bored.
You say, as you keep holdin’ on.
I know the signs.
The neon is blindin’ my eyes.
I’m already gone.

Once your eyes grow dark,
and affection wains,
life’s no longer full of flowers and candy canes.
Tip my hat, yeah I been there done that.
Been a bird in a cage gypped, but I ain’t had my wings clipped.
So ripe and ready to soar.


Gone is the laughter,
we built our world on.
All those days are over and done .
Your eyes they speak,
while your mouth it lies.
It’s not Halloween take off your disguise.


Gone, gone,
All I’ve ever wanted.
gone, gone,
you keep holding on.
gone, whooa, already gone.

produced by Fred Coury

cover photo by Ray Garcia


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  • Adoro estas lineas:

    Been a bird in a cage jipped, but I ain’t had my wings clipped.
    So ripe and ready to soar.

    Gran letra Deb!…

    Your Rules!

  • Thank for posting the lyrics Bob

  • Debaine Gibrey on

    This is he right lyrics! Thanks Bob for posting it.

  • Is it jipped, gyped, or gypped? That is the new question of the day!!! 😉 How DO you spell that word? LOL

  • Hope you like this video I did to help promote


  • but I ain’t had my wings clipped..

    Wow…it´s so true…great words!

    Ojalá algún día cantes en español también….i know you like spanish language too much!

    Your chilean fan


  • but I ain’t had my wings clipped

    wow….those words are so true.

    Ojalá algún día cantes en español…yo sé que te gusta mucho el idioma!

    Your chilean fan


  • It’s spelled “gypped”. 🙂

    I saw it mentioned elsewhere on this site, but I’d like to add my agreement…since Deb’s gotten older, her higher notes can be rather shrill. Hey, we all grow up, LOL!

    I love Deb’s lower range, as it sounds so lovely now. I can’t wait to hear those songs she mentioned, which make use of this aspect of her voice.

  • Great song… I love it!! Can’t wait till the new cd!!!

  • Today is November 7, 2009

    Hey is this Deborah’s latest single. It’s really catchy. I like it.

  • Love this Song!! Thanks that we can download it!!!

    Lots of Love from Germany!!

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