Growing up, I never felt like the coolest girl in the room. I had an inner confidence but, I was still always in awe of the hipster crowd who effortlessly oozed “cool”. And, I said much about this in the past year… I had learned to live without excessive accolades from the fashion world and that cooler crowd and, though there has always been love and respect for me and my music there have also been very challenging chapters with cynics and naysayers with very loud voices ! 

But, when you stick around long enough, stay true to your authentic self, and own all you are… magical things start to happen 🧚‍♀️ 💕👗

So, when the incredibly talented designer and entrepreneur Stacey Bendet invited me to be featured as an #AOBossBabe, I suddenly feel like the coolest girl in school ! It proved to me that we ALL have that “fashionista” waiting to be revealed ! And, that’s the thing I’ve always loved about Alice and Olivia . Stacey has somehow found a way to elevate personal style with the right mix of accessibility and rock and roll, the right pop of the “on trend” color, and the perfect fit for us all to rock what we’ve got! I have so many friends who say “That’s MY brand” which is true. It belongs to all of us. Truly remarkable to capture independent spirit and to be so universal at the same time. 

I’ve had a long history with this incredible line so it’s such an honour to be here now in 2022 , 35 years into my career celebrating how the right clothes can make us feel and how they can empower us to walk into any room and be our best self. That’s what being a Boss Babe means to me !

Enjoy this incredible feature by clicking here

Thank you to my team and to the AnO team for all of their incredible artistry and hard work ! 

Cheers to Boss Babes everywhere ! 💚🍸


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