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I was barely out of my teens when I worked with a professional trainer for the first time. He would ask, “What are you up to today,” as if I had energy for anything else. I dedicated three months to working out like an Olympic athlete and sculpting my little girl body into something that would garner womanly attention that I wasn’t prepared to deal with, virtually overnight. I would “crash” all day and still sleep sound at night… my first clue I was keeping a pace that wasn’t really congruent with who I was. My type-A personality could “handle” it. “Go, go, go,” screamed the spirit. “No, no, no,” cried the body. This would become a pattern for the rest of my adult life. I would push and prop myself up until something made me STOP! What does all this have to do with Lyme disease? Funny you should ask…

Lyme loves everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom or an astronaut. If you are “running to keep up with your life” and your body and spirit are not in alignment, you are at risk for any “dis-ease.” It happens that way, slowly and over time. It doesn’t start that day you feel a surge of nerve pain throughout your body, or that morning in the bed and you’re unable to move. I know that now. Ahhh, gotta love those 20/20 hindsight glasses! Always spiffed up and ready to see things clearly, but darn that time machine is always dusty and broken and hiding under something in the corner of the garage. But, now is a new day, free of self-imposed expectations.

People come to me from all corners of the globe for Lyme guidance sensing that I have done much research and legwork, having put myself in the hands of world-renowned practitioners and doctors. And, they would be right because I have. I am always grateful to share any and all info, but know that ultimately the path is yours and it starts by taking a good long look in the mirror and listening to the innate wisdom that is accessible to all of us. It will lead you to what is right for YOU.

Healing is not “one size fits all.” It’s not encapsulated in a pill… if it were only that easy. A “die off” reaction that nearly kills you may not be the answer either. Everyone has microbes in their bodies. So many people are walking around with Lyme and don’t know it. Their systems are in balance to where the inner environment is not conducive for “critters” setting up shop. Forgiving past traumatic events and uncovering that trust that connects us with the higher power, which runs the show, is key. Before you repeat that common modern world mantra, “I don’t have time to be sick,” evaluate your life. Make time for you before something MAKES you make time for you. When you drop the superhero image you have always held so dear, the healthy you will appear and what to do next is crystal clear.

Currently, I take a few supplements, do treatments that are energetic and spiritual in nature, meditate, walk, and do creative work that feeds me. Believe me, I have daily challenging moments. I spontaneously burst into tears out of fear, pain, and frustration. My boyfriend just suggested that dropping the fear could save me a whole lotta energy. I now consciously “stop, drop and shift.” If I start with that, the practitioners and treatments I once so heavily relied upon become “facilitators” and “tools.” Being clear within yourself eliminates the chaos and the frantic search for answers, so the truth of what is just right for you can unfold.

It’s about time… for #NoMoreLyme.

Love you all,

❤️ Debbie

P.S. In honor of Lyme Awareness Month…


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