Blog: Thank You #DebHeads for Your Generosity

I was looking around online to find a worthy cause to donate to in honor of the latest grab bag and, I stumbled upon a small senior animal rescue in Pennsylvania. I donated a humble amount with the idea of giving to other places as well. A response came back almost immediately thanking me for my “generous donation”. I could tell this place really needed the support. So, I wrote back to Megan who essentially runs the whole operation, and I decided to give more and to highlight specific pets at this rescue who need the help the most. The term “rescue” is used now so often but, there are harder to place pets than others and animals that need to urgently be saved from death row. I’ve always said that since my little Joey came into my life as a pet who rescued ME, that we would help others with all the new found energy he has helped me access. It’s our duty! We may even eventually introduce new family members into our home when the travel schedule lightens up. Part of the shelter issue is the fact that there are people who make a flippant decision to get a pet when they’re really not ready and then do not responsibly re-home them. These animals are dumped at the shelters as of if it’s a “system” that is expected to care for them. Thank goodness there are so many volunteers and charitable people like Megan who have made it their responsibility to heed the call. In reading up on these senior and special needs pets, my heart filled with hope and love. I know that my beloved #DebHeads are generous, and have already participated in this donation, and my deepest wish is that maybe one of you on the East Coast has room in your heart and home for one of these magical critters. Good Old Tails Rescue invites you to apply to adopt and to come meet your potential new family member in person. If you can’t take on a new pet at this time and can even only donate a small amount, give what you can. The donate button is conveniently linked to PayPal. As Megan put it, a lot of people doing even a little bit saves these pets lives. There are pets with misunderstood rare diseases, like Swayze the cat who you can read more about, and these magical older gals and guys who need your love and immediate attention to keep their health care going. This rescue does such noble work and I wanted to shine a spotlight on them for a moment! I know our friends at Hallmark Channel also do so much for animals, and I know all of our mutual supporters and furry friends thank you guys so much! Thanks to all of you who participated in the most recent grab bag for helping to make this donation possible!


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