Blog: Celebrity Apprentice recap

Hey Everyone!

Sooooo…. WHEW! I have never done anything quite like Celebrity Apprentice and I can see it is going to be an interesting journey each week as a new episode airs!

I wanted to give you my recap/rundown of last night’s show


– You never saw on camera me spending most of my time gathering resources that were never shown to do with our stage/music area and overseeing the deli prep while Patricia was making calls. In watching back as a viewer I would have wondered what exactly I was contributing. That is what!

Thank you the CULTURE CLUB for hustling to provide lights and other equipment as well as making a great donation! And to Eddie, Buddy, Devin and many Broadway pals who came out to help out!

– I don’t know if it was clear that I wanted to use one of my hits that I got cleared to use for free on TV out front much like Penn’s juggling to attract customers! I definitely did not care if I sang or not. But I did think that we should all use the skills we are best known for.

– About every 10 – 15 minutes Patricia and other cast mates were grabbing me to sing as there were lulls in the energy and music tends to change the energy of a room for the better.

– My friend Joel Hoekstra from Rock of Ages and Night Ranger came and jammed on guitar and both ROA and Joel made donations!

– I brought Aubrey onstage to sing “Only in My Dreams” with me…. and – I agreed with her eye rolling when in the boardroom I was talking about “My gift of music….” That was one of those moments I realized that much gets lost in editing! I was basically trying to report the facts and to tell Mr. Trump exactly what my contribution was to the team. Though, in hearing myself I thought “Hmmm….that came out differently than intended!”

– You did not get to see that my grilled cheese was the lowest priced and the only hot sandwich SO – that meant racing back and forth to the stage to sing and back to the grill where – yes – I had help from ALL the women. Especially Theresa! I complimented her on her work ethic in the boardroom. You did not see that ….

– I said to Mr. Trump “One person’s $3000 is another’s $30,000 and Patricia’s loyal friends came out in numbers and she hustled for every dollar. I did not like that suddenly your character was praised because you had richer friends. Paul is a great person. So is Patricia!


– Make a Wish made a ton of money

– Wayutaya is now on the map!

– I think “vulnerable” was the best choice of word for Theresa. “Insecure” is negative and much like Paul calling George “meek”, maybe that was not the best choice of words! I did see her as just that. Someone who was thrown into the media and at heart I saw a sweet family gal!

– It is confirmed I have a face for theater! Nothing subtle about my expressions! LOL!


– I can see how there will be episodes that cannot possibly tell the full story

You will hafta check back with me so I can fill you in!

This was fascinating as a performer who rarely sees my work. I go and do it, take a bow, then go home! This is like free therapy in front of millions! I already see things about myself I want to change and if my backbone was not already strong, it is about to get stronger!

Thank you all for tuning in!


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