Blog: Celebrity Apprentice week 2 recap

Hey everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed this past episode of Celebrity Apprentice!

I got a kick out of the big deal that was made of the fan kick I did while jousting with Patricia!

A) Us old school pop singers DO wear undies!

B) NBC’s “pixelator” should be given a raise as you couldn’t see a thing!


Overall I thought this episode captured what truly went on

What you didn’t see was Patricia and I on an all out treasure hunt for a pickle for Aubrey’s Snooki character!

We did an NYC shopping spree for makeup for the gals and eventually did find the perfect pickle!

Victoria actually is a really sweet lady.

I say this despite the fact that on episode 1 she said “I HEARD Debbie Gibson is difficult” I NEVER base my opinion of anyone on hear say. That was the only thing she did that really bugged me. Beyond that I saw a vulnerable woman who was thrust into this with a bunch of performers. I did actually feel for her not getting a “role” in the show. It is fun to be out front. Had Lisa not asked me specifically to be the “singing housewife” (every Housewife installment has one!) I would have happily been behind the scenes calling cues!

I did get cut off a lot in the boardroom and never quite got to make my point clearly. I was trying to say that there was some truth to Dayana saying that she did not feel heard.

Without giving too much away, I will say I too am guilty of this in the future!!!! Stay tuned….

It is an odd thing to be a part of this show and to juggle everyone’s feelings while trying to get a nearly impossible job done in under a day. The audience doesn’t even get the full picture in terms of how little time there is. We are read rules, we must give a half hour’s notice when we need a van, we are taping interviews during our tasks, etc…. We are playing beat the clock!

Lisa is definitely a strong personality but, I like that! I spent much of my life being a “people pleaser”. I think that once you are known as a “tell it like it is” type person, you can’t really shock people because people learn to expect the straight up truth. Lisa and I had a great relationship on the show because I was able to say “Do you need me to shut the F up now…?” And, she would say “Yup!”, and I would say “Cool”! I realized early on that emotions had to be pushed aside as best as they could for the sake of getting on with the task at hand!

Aubrey definitely had fully fleshed out ideas at time which I admired in the sense that she could have probably single handedly did half these tasks! What I was trying to convey though with this episode was that it left very little room for others. Again – I understand both sides of this coin! This week was one, however, that I saw clearly how morale can suffer when everyone does not have a voice that is being heard.

Oh! You also didn’t see my sister Karen rush over with a rolling pin we used as a prop! And – I had a full on stomach flu that week which also thankfully did not become a storyline but I thought I would share that with you here!!! LOL! So if my abs looked EXTRA flat….

I found Theresa particularly endearing this week as she went into “method actor mode” to channel the emotions she felt when first flipping that table! I also loved that she mentioned “Boobies” in the boardroom! You will eventually see why. Just remember I wrote this! It’ll all make sense eventually!

I thought the men did a fantastic job and I do agree that it was smart of them to intro all the celebs! Great thought on Penn’s part! And, Dee in drag? Women everywhere were having hair envy!

It was an honor meeting Mr. Lipton as well! I am a huge fan of Inside the Actor’s Studio!

All the gang at Mid-Evil Times (Spelling error on purpose! HA!) were SO cool! I never thought I would do anything like this in my life! Though you did not see me on a horse I did indeed get to enter on horseback and circle the arena which for me was it’s own little moment of success!

You also did not see that I met my demise upon hitting an obnoxiously high note therefore causing the sword to cut my beloved vocal chords! Only in Your DREAMS Lisa!

Next week’s episode…..let us just say it has me on the RUN!!! Manual labor time! Oh yea… It also has me in denial over my age if I recall! Though, what else is new : ) ?!? The other gals kindly reminded me though! Especially the younger ones!

A big thank you to Joy Li for my boardroom dress and to Elene Cassis for the dress I wore upon getting the task assignment!

And thank GOD I got to sit in part two of the boardroom last week! I was the odd girl out standing the whole time last week in those heels! Ouch! Though, in the overall scheme of life, as grueling as this show is, it still ain’t diggin’ ditches and I am VERY lucky to be able to do such wacky things with a fantastic and dynamic group of people all for charity!!!

If you have not already, please check out Children International and become a sponsor. TRULY – you will take a child from rags to riches for the price of your beloved Starbucks each day! It is remarkable!

I am getting ready to do The Talk and Rosie O’Donnell’s show as well as Adam Corolla’s podcast and Showbiz Tonight over the course of the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for details on all that and more!

I will also be Hostess of the Hometown Hero’s benefit in Milwaukee on March 10th. Come out and say hello!

AND – Gibson Girl Foundation benefit is May 21st and will feature some of my CA friends!

Whew! It is a busy time and I am loving it!

Hope you all are too : )


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