Blog: Celebrity Apprentice Week 3!

Hey everyone! I may not be near a TV for this weekend’s CA! Going to shoot the Rosie show!

I remember one fun thing about task delivery which was that I wore Ivanka’s purse she gave me as a gift (we all got different ones!) with my outfit having had NO idea the task would involve her directly! I wasn’t sucking up! Lol!

I also can tell you my Cardio training came in handy as it was a race to the finish to get some items needed for the task!

Oh yeah…. And my age verses my “age range” was called into question. Can’t we evolve but still remain youthful?!? Ugh!

Lastly – Just read Theresa’s column in a mag and remembered this was the episode where she accuses me of stealing her idea to which I have to say

A) we may have both come up with the same idea separately. It may be edited to show either of us thinking of it

B) she may have thought of it

C) who cares! The point of being a “team” is that collectively ideas are channeled and used for the good of the task and it is NOT about “credit”! Ideas can’t be “stolen”. They’re not “ours”!

I just had to laugh when I read her blog because it’s still important to her that she gets credit for it being her idea. Theresa? It’s yours! Congrats 🙂 LOL!!!

All else will hafta wait :-). As soon as I see the episode I will write my thoughts!

Enjoy watching!

Thank you for all the kind words about The Talk. I loooooved the cast and crew SO much!

Have a great weekend everyone!

X Deb


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