Celebrity Ghost Stories

“16 – Deborah Gibson, Joey Pantoliano, Kimberly Locke, Willie Garson”
Saturday, September 11 @ 9 pm ET

Rated: TVPG
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Closed Captions: Yes

Upcoming Showings:
Saturday, September 11 @ 9 pm ET

Deborah Gibson receives a message from the ghost of her idol; a murdered matriarch terrorizes Joey Pantoliano and his girlfriend; Kimberly Locke faces off with an evil spirit who has a long history with her family; and Willie Garson discovers that a ring belonging to his dead father holds special powers.

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  • I just saw the episode and it was goosebump-inducing!

    SPOILER ALERT: If you have NOT seen this episode yet and wish to stay surprised!

    Deb starts off the show and is the first “celeb” to share her account!, which went about 18 minutes in! So, indeed as any Deb fan could ascertain, this was Deb’s more fleshed-out, detailed account of her run-ins with Liberace, from idolizing his showmanship as a young child in attendance at his concert (a present from her grandparents, where Deb found herself the lone “7-year old freak” in adoration of the “LIB”), to the spooky seance Deb conducted during a slumber party, to purchasing his piano through her Baldwin Piano contacts (one of whom also repped LIB himself), to her cat Gleason’s reactions to the presence that also came with the piano, to being called on to do the John Edward (I think it was him? Anyone have info on that. I think she was on his show once!) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Edward) psychic show with something peculiar in her purse (a piece of mirror that had fallen off the piano, just as she was heading to the show), to a certain mystery composition of hers that I would love to hear (which she says that those close to her have said that it sounds very different from her other compositions, and which Deb jokingly referred to as “more sophisticated than anything [she’d] ever written!”, furthermore, Deb also alluded to not being familiar with those chords), to her chance encounter at a local bookstore in Utah (I am inferring that it was during the Princess Festival event she did in Utah) with Liberace himself in a message from 1957 found in a LIB autobiography book that fell on its own as Deb walked by on her way to pay for the books she found! Deb said that she thinks Liberace’s been like a guardian angel to her, watching over her and making sure she and the piano are okay!

    I think that is so interesting, nice and warm, and a little “oooh and ahhh”; it does make one wonder! I would love to know more and also hear this supposed “un-Deb” composition where perhaps LIB was channeling his last opus through her?

    Thoughts from anyone else who saw this? Or knows more?

  • This show was so great!! Deborah had the sweetest ghost story I have ever heard. I loved it! But I HAVE to know, what was the song she was talking about… the song she wrote with the chords that Liberace added in?

  • Yes, I just re-watched the “Crossing Over with John Edward” show when Deb had the psychic reading. It was some time around 2001. Deb was on with her mom and then John brought Heather on, she was off-stage but some of her family came through as well. Just like she said Liberace came through and the piano was mentioned.

    Unfortunately, then my VCR ate the tape. =(

  • I just rewatched it now and I also want to know did Deb buy the LIB book from the Utah bookstore or not?

    @Shelley: That is so cool that you have that footage! I wish I had seen the John Edward episode! You should upload it to Youtube, well at least up until the broken part!

  • YEAH~
    Deborah’s new album will release on Nov. 3th…

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