Blog: Dishing on “The Flunky” musical!

I was just revisiting the workshop we did of “The Flunky” written by Jimmy Van Patten and directed by Kay Cole (I did the music!). I got goosebumps and am in tears over our quirky heartfelt little show! SO excited to move it forward but in the meantime you can see clips (Jimmy and I are in the workshop! I am playing WAY younger than I should be! LOL But I knew the music so it saved us rehearsal time!) PJ Griffith is our “Flunky” and rocks it! There are full demoes of original songs and I wanted you to be among the first to get aquainted with the music so when you see it on Broadway you can say “I knew The Flunky when!” I love sharing music and projects in the raw and in their baby stages! ENJOY!!!

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