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Hey everyone! 


Recovering from my day in the jungles…… of Beverly Hills that is (LOL) with Jack Hanna at The Daytime Emmy Awards! 

When I was invited to present with Jack I had two thoughts…. Yes – only two…after all, I am blonde! 

1) I love Jack and the amazing work he does with animals, his informative programs, and the fact that he is non show biz! I enjoy interacting with people who have passions that may lead them into show biz but, being around down home people with passions and skills that started NOT from a place of wanting to be “famous” is lovely to me being that so much of my life has been related to show biz

2) That said… These particular kinds of performers and creative forces who bring daytime television to the masses are people I respect greatly. They are often unsung heroes, much like theater performers, who put in countless hours for a more unglamorous reward. The work itself IS the reward! 

Especially in these times, people need an escape. They need to break away from the kids and the carpool and the financial crisis happening and be uplifted, engaged, distracted for a bit, entertained…. Hopefully the distraction does not last ALL day as we need now more than ever to be AWARE and to live in reality (not to be mistake for “reality TV” as well BUT, a reminder that a spin of the wheel could win you a car, or a handsome hunk may move onto your street, or that the gal of The Talk COULD be your best friends (as they ARE as they appear….super down to earth!) is very needed at this time and the folks who bring these programs to us, along with people like Dr. Oz who aim to keep us evolving through health information, are in a NOBLE profession! 

I therefore enjoyed entering into THEIR world for a day and celebrating their victories! 

My friend Todd Newton’s win had a particular impact on me because I felt he IS the deserving winner but was afraid he would get lost in the politics. Often the major network star wins or someone whose side gig is hosting a game show… I LOVE the fact that Todd got up there and told the crowd so sincerely that ALL he ever wanted to do was what he is doing now! And that the contestants who get to experience a bit of magic in their lives are the reason Todd loves it so much. To be there for a life changing moment…  And, there is much skill involved. I witnessed Todd hosting The Price is Right in Las Vegas and I could not believe how many details there are… timing, rules of the games, witty banter… all while making it look easy and effortless and joyful as he does! I love that the statue is now his to signify a singular vision coming to fruition. With or without the statue I feel the same as I am sure he does… but, that statue sure is a fun “icing on the cake” moment! 

I also applauded Chandler Massey who I have had the honor of working with quietly as Jimmy Van Patten introduced me to him to possibly star in The Flunky – our musical collaboration – someday! In the midst of his grueling soap schedule and with no particular run of our show planned at that time, Chandler came in off book, songs, scenes, comic moments, and performed as if his life depended on it. I remember auditioning for Bette Midler’s Gypsy with costumes, props, etc… But, that was long ago and I thought that to be an old school approach but apparently that sort of work ethic is alive and well in our younger generation of performers! I got welled up along with Chandler as he accepted his award for his work on Days of Our Lives! 

It was amazing to see my friend Lisa Rinna there looking HOT and ELEGANT as always! That girl keeps it going in a way very few do and remains fresh and eager to do great work and I am THRILLED she is back in our living rooms where she belongs! To this day my Mama raves about her performance on Broadway in Chicago as Roxie saying it was the BEST she’s seen and, take it from me, she is THE toughest critic!!! She means what she says!!! 

And, last but not least… Jack Hanna and friends! Seriously… when I said “Who cares what I’m saying right now…” it was with no disrespect to the actors and programs I was speaking of! It is just that, it is hard to take anything in life too seriously in the BEST possible way when there are unpredictable critters onstage! That little Marmoset was the CUTEST little thing! I did not wanna give her back! BUT – after working with one gator in the Syfy movie I WAS a bit unsettled when I realized he had wandered onstage without a handler! I did comedy but it came from a bit of actual fear!!! The cockroaches were even cool and I had one crawling on me in the press room to one up a squeamish TV host! Men are scardy cats! But, I absolutely adored working with Jack and he invited me informally to be on his show which I am saying formally here and now I am “game” to do! Pun intended! I love having new adventures and experiences and respect wildlife tremendously! I currently spend many hours looking out my bedroom window at a dove who has made a nest and marveling over how nature works on it’s own with no interference from outsiders! It is MORE interesting than anything we could ever “script” which is why the combo of nature and TV is so perfect! Also, David and the gang who brought the animals in and all the handlers were amazing! 

It took me two showers and will take a dry cleaning of my Alice and Olivia dress to get the monkey smell off but how much cooler than to come home from the Emmy’s NOT smelling like a monkey?!?  

A shameless thank you to Michael Antonio for gifting me those fab shoes! I never take those things for granted as I do not have stylists and assistants at my beck and call and Tracy from MA came TO my video editing this past week to help me out which meant  neither my creativity nor my glamor got the short end of the stick….so a big thank you!!! 

AND – my Hair and Makeup artist Johny ROCKED IT giving me a super natural glowy look which, after much theatrical makeup for live shows etc was a welcome change! I felt like a rock and roll girly ballerina! After many years of spending a “show day” warming up the voice and doing yoga and being crazy disciplined I now embrace and enjoy a day of getting pampered where it is more than enough to just look and feel girly! WHY NOT?!? AND…. all of you reading this can take a day for that on your own to soak in a tub and spend extra time on your hair…even if it is to go sit and have a coffee solo, walk the dog, or to make your partner dinner! Embrace FEELING AND LOOKING YOUR BEST as it’s own thing. It means you’re secure enough with the other factors in your life and who you are to GO THERE! Again… WHY NOT?!? 

OK my friends! 

Blog to come in the next week about the Children Intl Campaign that was a HUGE success! I want to take some time to reflect on the kids whose lives are about to change and the amazing supporters of mine who came to the table in a BIG way and who gave ME the gift of an amazing one on one phone chat! It truly enhanced my week to interact with you all and to witness your generosity of spirit! 

Have a wonderful week everyone! And look out for Emmy Eating Alligators : ) 




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