Blog: Celebrity Apprentice Final Recap

Hey everyone!

So – I guess you know by now why I have been mysteriously off radar yesterday and today! I just did not know how to lie about my whereabouts…hence the vague statement about “dealing with something…..” !

I hope you enjoyed my swan song episode : ) I did. I actually got in that car and laughed! Probably why they did not show my exit. It was so ludicrous it was FUN! And for my “Tits” to be called out?!? To that I say “What tits?!?” and LOL!!!! I stand by that blue dress and thank Bebe for their sexy affordable fashions that get people talkin’! Whhhhyyyyyy not?!?

I decided that I would rather not write in direct response to others who blog about me negatively or speak negatively about me in this episode or to do a play by play.

To do that at this point feels silly.

The only fact I will share with you is that I actually raised $27,000. I did not have this exact tally because I was on the go right after our book sale in Union Square presenting Team Forte’s Buick Win check to Children International and then we shot the Boardroom right away.

I did not know everyone else’s tally because I did not think that when it came down to facts anyone would lie. They did. I will leave it at that. Bickering about two grand and trying to outshout everyone at that point would have been tacky, crass, and demeaning to the charitable aspect of this show.

I WILL say, that I am thrilled that the money went to Dee’s charity The March of Dimes. He is an upstanding guy with a heart of gold.

I will also say that I will be available anytime anywhere to help Neph Cure Foundation because in reaching out to people for donations I got to know a bit about the work they do as well as meeting family and friends of the little boy with this rare kidney disease that Teresa was inspired by. No reality show antics are bigger than charitable causes.

I will be happy to answer all of your questions about this task in a Live Chat that I will set up in the next couple of weeks with my web team!

I did know that if I was not going to win the $250k, that I was ready to leave when I did.

When I actually heard myself say “I’ve sustained a 25 year career” in the boardroom in a defensive way a little voice inside said “Wait a minute… you do not hafta justify anything to anyone” and I then shut up and wanted to go home!!!! Certainly anyone who wants to read up my career can…or could have. The pot shots founded in nothing at that point were wearing me out.

I think the world of Mr. Donald Trump and the NBC and Mark Burnett team. Celebs throw themselves at the Apprentice folks and I will be forever honored that I was chosen to be a part of the show.

I think what I realized through this process however, is I am not a “Celeb“. I cannot live that “lifestyle”. Being a “celebrity” is not a profession. Some people may know my music or my face but, being known for just being on TV does not appeal to me. It feels empty and flimsy.

I cannot wait to make new music. In fact, I am writing this from the plane en route to NYC and I ran into none other than Randy Jackson. We started talking about music and I lit up….getting into the intricacies of production and singing …. I am so passionate about music and performing that even if a song is never heard or doesn’t chart, the minute it makes is way through my fingers on the piano and out into the living room I am fulfilled.

In this world where “success” is based on external things I am holding tight to keeping my own center. I am glad I did Celebrity Apprentice for 3 reasons :

A) To raise money and awareness for Children International
B) To meet and work with some fabulous folks
C) To raise awareness for my upcoming musical endeavors!

The press for press sake and the public bickering and the haters and the cast members untrusting ways and the attack on character…. none of that is for me.

I never once attacked anyone’s character on the show. All of my comments strictly had to do with business style and my feelings on who was best for the title of “Celebrity Apprentice”

I could care less how someone dresses or how they sing or live their life. All I cared about was speaking THE truth. Not MY truth. There are many versions of the truth, but only one REAL truth.

I am at peace knowing what I know about how everything went down.

THAT to me is a victory!

So – don’t feel bad I was “fired”. And as I said in my exit speech… “Until someone can firing me from being Debbie Gibson….nothing is lost”. And – by the way – I speak in the third person VERY tongue in cheek. And – what I mean by that relates to every one of you reading this. No one can take YOU from YOU if you know who you are!!!!

SOOO – When I realized the night before the task as certain people were “getting their story straight” about ganging up on one undeserving person in particular – I knew that should it be me who would be saying bye bye, that I was comfortable with that. I went to sleep with a knot in my stomach that night and nothing is worth that knot!!!

When Trump said “You’re Fired”….. I heard “You’re Free!” and promptly flew to see my man and unwind and live my actual real life with no cameras around!

And if I never hear the phrase “thrown under the bus” again…I will be an even happier woman than I am now…..if that is possible!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I look forward to tweeting with you all this week!
Thank you to Culture Club, Sardi’s, and Rock of Ages for allowing me to shoot at your locations for our guide book!



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