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Hey Everyone!

I am SO thrilled by the deserved attention Children International got from Celebrity Apprentice. THAT made doing the show worthwhile and was THE motivating factor for me being a part of it to begin with!

The biggest cliche is “You can sponsor a child for the price of a cup of coffee” but, it is TRUE!

I know that times are difficult for everyone right now. But think of the moment where you WOULD be spending money and instead, you are sacrificing one small pleasure a day and instead giving to someone who does not even have their most basic needs covered…..

In meeting with top execs from CI, we came up with a way to add incentive to sponsorship because I feel that no matter how or why someone gets involved, once they do they will realize how amazing and rewarding it is and spread the word to others.

We came up with ten children in need of immediate help. I felt that sometimes you connect with an energy…a particular look in a child’s eyes. So – please get to know our top ten children and let us get them sponsored right away!

I was blown away on my last trip to Manila when I saw where these people lived and then how their lives completely changed with minimal financial support. It is not just the money but the personal interaction through letters and just knowing someone out there cares. It is truly miraculous.

Starting Monday we are launching this sponsorship program so please do your part and expect a personal “thank you” phone call from me after you commit to a child!

If you commit to them….I will commit to YOU!

I have been passionate about this organization for over 20 years as they truly are committed to the well being of people in need all over the world and put every penny possible into the people without big overhead costs or luxuries for themselves. Having witnessed this first hand makes me their biggest advocate!

The children are amazing because they don’t know what they lack and are grateful for what they DO have but deserve health and well being like every other child. With that they can THRIVE!

Please do your part and I hope to be speaking with you soon : )




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