Debbie Gibson in Daily Front Row

Only in my dreams could I have ever imagined hanging out with Debbie Gibson, but there I was at Culture Club, NYC’s ultimate nostalgia nightclub. (Yes, it’s still open!) Today, I lived out my “Electric Youth” with the one and only, original teen sensation. I remember totally crushing on Debbie and her too-cute-for-words-adorable-funny-sweet-wholesome image. As a kid, I must have played “Lost In Your Eyes” a thousand times while gazing at her Tiger Beat poster (and spritzing myself with her Electric Youth perfume—don’t judge, haters) hanging above my bed. And what better way to relive my teenage dream than at Culture Club with Debbie. I may as well have stepped into a time machine. Every inch of the club is covered with posters, gold records and memorabilia of all your old school favorites: Paula Abdul, New Kids On The Block, Tiffany, Madonna (The Queen), Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Janet, Whitney, Michael, Mariah, basically my entire childhood—and yours. Debbie was in town promoting Dee Snider’s “Jam for Autism” at the Westbury Theater.


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