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Hey everyone!

SO – US Mag came to me and asked about my health, weight, etc….

While they did a great job not misquoting me, I wanted to elaborate as many of you write and ask me what I do for health and weight maintenance!

A few years back I did a one time only month long detox which included a natural medical component as well as a super lean clean diet.

Both the medical component and the diet are custom tailored for people depending on their goals and needs and bio chemical make up. It is not a “one size fits all”.

For me, losing some weight was a part of it as well as breaking life long habits. Food held a power over me and the foods I was eating, unbeknownst to me, were not supporting my overall health and well being in the areas of anxiety, stomach related issues, my singing voice, and more.

The quest for such a program came form me because I would yo yo up and down in pounds between stints on Broadway, and my energy and moods were so inconsistent. I had years of panic attacks in my teens and they re-occurred in my 30’s. Doctors were quick to break out the prozac and the xanax. I did not like the numbing effect of these meds. I was also suffering with reflux as many singers do. I knew if I cleaned up my diet, got rid of unwanted fat, and re trained myself in the ways in which I approached food, this may be the answer.

My Man, Dr. Rutledge was working on his own formulation of a combination of nutrients and vitamins and a hormonal component, There have been many cheap diet pills, fad juice fasts, and versions of hcg on the market which offer no supplementation therefore resulting in a weak immune system, no support in the month long detox, and no support afterwards. Dr. Rutledge’s team offers all and I was seeing people under my nose getting results! I asked him to steer me in the right direction with this!

People you know and love who are on TV, one in particular, lost around 60 lbs and kept it off resulting in many permanent heath benefits. I only know of people who I referred, many who are nervous to talk about this in public because people want to hear a certain story that they are familiar with hearing. But who does that help?!?

Those of you who know me for years know that I do not endorse many things. I endorse this program ONLY because it worked for ME! AND – I do not want to be squeamish about putting the facts out there as many people lie about their diet programs setting unrealistic goals for “real people” who wonder why with the same “eating protein and doing crunches” approach the weight is not falling off and they’re still binging on cookies in the middle of the night! Or, they lose a bunch of weight only to regain it all. Not only has that not happened, but the way my body distributes weight has been forever changed. It’s really amazing. Years of working out was hidden under layers, and now I work out minimally but you can see the results.

I was also injuring myself working out a few years ago. I had such bad back issues from jogging and weight training that doctors were giving me steroids for the pain and told me I would “never climb the hill to my house or dance onstage again” I knew overworking out was not the answer for me. And it takes an extreme amount of working out to lose weight at all. It is a very specific science.

The sugar detox part of the program is amazing because after a while you begin to learn that nearly everything from balsamic vinaigrette to salsa has added sugar in it. You can taste it! I realized I do not want to “accidentally” have 20 grams of sugar a day. Instead, I would rather KNOW I am having sugar and choose to have and enjoy a brownie and then get back on track the next day!

After the initial part of the program, I experimented with a new food a day to discover which foods I had an adverse reaction to. This was SO eye opening! Certain kinds of nuts affected me more than others! So, rather than having mixed nuts and waking up puffy I was able to isolate….almonds are OK. Peanuts? Not so good!

I now fluctuate in weight a bit… on Apprentice I was a bit underweight. Now I am 5 lbs up from working out more and one layer that I actually would like gone! I like being a bit leaner and healthier in my eating. But – the margains are not NEARLY as wide and, if I lose or gain I know HOW I got there. It is not an accident or a mystery!

I also don’t crave snacking all the time out of nervousness. Because I had a period of time where food was not for entertainment or to temporarily sooth emotional issues, it found it’s proper place and if I am not around the food I want to eat, I don’t feel the need to eat any old snack being pushed on me just to keep busy! That is part of the anxiety that went away. I forced myself to calm down and be with myself during that initial month and the result of that has remained.

I know eat mainly healthy fats like avocado, macadamia nut oil, nuts, etc, as well as plain proteins – my faves being eggs, chicken, and steak, and starch and sugar in moderation! I work out for mental clarity, toning, and flexibility, but I do not panic when I cannot get to the gym for a day or even for a month.

I do not any way suggest everyone should run out and try this approach. I would say, much like I have tried many things over the years for health, well being, and weight, find what works for you. This basic eating program has also worked for many without the natural medical component. I find this far less radical however, than injesting over the counter diet pills or energy drinks that do nothing but make you jittery and do not come with any plan for maintenance unless you want to stay on them for life! For several years it has been all about my daily food choices. I have made lifelong changes and for that I am thrilled!

I wanted to share with you the facts and the truth about my initial detox and lean out as well as what I do to maintain it without the glossy – pardon the pun – “sugar coating” that often happens in the media!

Hope you find this helpful in some way, even if it inspires you to limit your intake of processed foods and sugar and starch. As an entertainer, and simply as a woman who enjoys feeling and looking her very best, I like taking things to the limit! Everyone has different goals so find whatever program or lifestyle that works for you!



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