Blog: post press tour wrap-up

Hey everyone!

Wow…Doing a reality show and the press that comes with it is a different kind of exhaustion than I’ve ever experienced in my life.

It’s a weird fine line to walk…I’ve never been one to dodge questions or give Miss America type answers, but, nor have I ever put energy into judging or analyzing others. It’s not my style and I don’t want to ever do it again.

It’s sad to me that after two days of journalists trying to bait me into saying nasty things about castmates, and after those around me calling certain castmates evil and the devil…my one semi controversial word “ignorant” was pulled and spread like wildfire. I looked the word up in the dictionary. It’s meaning? “Lack of knowledge or awareness of a particular thing”. I think it’s fair to say that a statement referencing my song “Evergreen”… I think that was the one…is “ignorant” unless I would have recorded said song while still in grade school!

I think that all generations are “ignorant” about other generations. I am “ignorant” to the ways of social media. I am “ignorant,” when it comes to knowing certain people ‘s history. If I was not part of a certain time and place or pop culture moment, I am “ignorant ” and therefore may speak disrespectfully about someone inadvertently. Make sense?

I don’t say anything about anyone I wouldn’t say about myself. I am not easily offended as I get that I’m a work in progress. Anyone who doesn’t admit to having ego or being insecure at tomes is lying. Myself included. Many things stem from that. We are all in the midst of a process at all times.

I endured some pretty harsh comments while watching CA. The press tour was my chance to speak on that. I did. It’s done. Back to the purity of music please !

I have nothing against anyone on the show and I’m sure they will say their fair share in the media.

If I am on and off of interacting on Twitter, it is because I need to turn inward and regroup. I am also very much re training my voice which has gotten the least amount of attention this past year. Contrary to how it appears, I love singing but at times it is difficult for me. I’m not this great “natural” singer. I work at it for the purpose of communicating through music!

It was amazing to see AJ, to meet Wendy, to visit the gang at Today and Good Day…fun fun fun!

And my partner in crime Dee sure speaks his mind, which tho sometimes harsh, ya gotta respect.

I’m about to leave NYC but will be back for April 19th Jam For Autism

Thank u for the support!

Hope you all have a fab week!

X Deb


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