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Hey everyone!

SOOO – The big ROA premiere was AMAZING!

Other than being an extra in Ghostbusters at age 12 and seeing the side of my head for a half a second, and seeing Mega Python on a big screen, I am not accustomed to having ANYTHING to do with a big A list movie!

First of all, let me say that the shoot last year was incredibly fun. The warmth of the cast and crew made it so memorable! I had zero stress as I had very little to do other than to flail my body against the security guards in the protest scene while screaming/singing and enjoying the quick wit of Russell Brand, the warmth of Catherine and Tom, and hanging with insanely talented rock musicians!

The movie itself once again brings musicals to the mainstream which, being a Broadway gal does my heart good! Thank you Adam! And, my friend Janet who brought me into the project and is from my hometown!

The Premiere:

Meeting Malin was awesome. THAT is what a movie star looks like! Elegant yet accessible. She told me she watched me on Apprentice, which cracked me up! I told her I bought her Maxim! I can appreciate a hot funny woman!

AND – I got to tell Mary J that I LOVE her song 25/8 which seemed to shock her! If you have not heard it listen NOW! She is such an amazing lady! She also brought her kids, which I love. She’s a real person.

Also, Julianne could not have been more perfect in this role, and seeing Ryan Seacrest so happy after years of running into him through the biz made me really happy. Those two are a great pair!

The creative team and crew truly were the ones I enjoyed seeing and watching the most as I totally understand the long journey in getting ROA from the stage to the screen. I was actually at the first public performances here in LA many years back and it has been so cool to watch the passion that went into this thing and to see how far it’s come!

The after party was SO cool! Poison and Def Leopard performed and in a slight moment of insanity I hauled my strapless bra at Cece channeling my inner rock groupie! I looooove Poison and the crowd loooooved them. Their energy is contagious and their music is true American feel good rock! Def Leopard sounded as tight as ever too and we got to catch up and I was shocked that they remembered that we co headlined the San Remo festival in ‘89 I believe it was! They were nice as ever and when we got back to the house I recalled “Love Bites” as being one of my faves and my boyfriend actually dug it up…. ON CASSETTE!!! LOL

All in all it was a night I will remember forever!

My screen time was short and sweet and not winning any Oscars anytime soon but what a thrill it was to be a part of this amazing event!

OH! And, I forgot to mention that the guy who plays the Rolling Stone employee in one featured scene needs a leading role soon. He ended up standing out to me as being one of the most grounded actors in the whole film!

Hope you all enjoy the film and the behind the scenes pix : )

Have a great week everyone!


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