Blog: Week 6 Celebrity Apprentice Recap

Hey everyone!

Whew! Been way off radar this weekend working on a project that relates to the Internet, music, my past, and my future! How’s that for a clue?

Sooo – I just watched the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice and laaaauuuughed!

Why? Well… First off, I was off the hot seat a bit! Second, Aubrey’s age remarks were in full swing! The girl knows how to play the game and even when remarks like that were aimed at me I didn’t take offense. Part of getting older and evolving is realizing that age and relevance have nothing to do with one another. So….youth! Ahhhh….

It maybe was unclear as to why Dayana said I was stressed. An entire 4 hours of just she and I in the van shopping for wardrobe, going to pick up the printed materials, etc was cut. At one point I was eating my lunch in the van and she was going on about how the shrimp I was eating stunk! I then asked if she ate already. The answer was yes. And what did she eat? Shrimp! So – I was feeling kind of egged on all day. Little things like that. Micro managed too …

One thing I saw on this episode was I was exhausted from being PM. I probably could have offered Lisa a bit more back up in the boardroom but, as my hunched shoulders indicated, I was just depleted.

I think our concept was lost in the shooting and editing. What was a clear and sexy concept became a bit all over the place and also flat. The edit didn’t reflect the script which had more to do with everyone’s number.

Aubrey and I went to town on the presentation tho the client didn’t love it. I think we overdid it cuz we were bored!

Aubrey was right on in her assessment of Tia and how she delegated. Because she felt “marginalized” by me, she seemed determined to not let me do anything of importance. Oh well!

And…now Patricia’s sites will be blowing up from Teresa’s fans! The thing I saw Teresa do yet again was…go after someone for speaking their mind about her. Nothing Patricia said was vicious. It was constructive. And the comment about being an author but having a ghost writer….I’m still confused! Listen… I do not claim to know power point or fashion or graphics or many things. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I don’t ever claim to be the greatest singer either. In fact, I was hoarse most of the show! I do claim to be a musician and a creator/producer. I figure out the rest as I need to.

You will laugh when you see Aubrey come full circle next week and ask me to be in charge of….music!!! Lol!

That’s what I ended up truly loving about Aubrey. Her ego does not get in the way. Ultimately, if there is something to be learned, she admits she was wrong, learns, and moves on. Others seem immovable.

I looooove that Clay stood up to Penn. I don’t think Penn means it, but at times there is an energy that comes from him simply because he knows SO much. I eventually went to the place of “why be intimidated…? Let me admit what I don’t know and learn from him” or from anyone who knows different things than I do! But WAY TO GO CLAY!!!

I respect Tia immensely for what she did. It was a graceful exit. Listen, had the concept been called into question during my task I would have changed my tune and brought myself and two entirely different people back in in that moment. My two choices were an “in general” decision. I agree too that from this point on things start to get pretty intense. And catty. Ohhhh….you’ll see!

I am proud to say tho, that through the process, I never lost a nights sleep. I always spoke the truth no matter how it was perceived.

I think Lou should be the new O’Cedar spokesman for life. What he did was brilliant!

I also agree that Lisa and Aubrey quite often could have single handedly done the tasks! Just the facts.

Next week you will see a project we work on for Crystal Light in which I participate in everything from hardware, to scrubbing floors, to photography, to music. I had a blast with this one!!! I love being a creator and a team player doing manual labor. That’s pretty much what my normal days consist of!


Hope you all had a great weekend!

X Deb

Or… Deborah as Mr Trump now calls me…now that I’m back to Debbie! Ha! Love it!


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