Hello Apprentice Fans!




Though SOOO sad Aubrey lost…

Despite the fact that this was actually the first time Aubrey’s comments struck me as a bit hurtful.

I felt like by THIS time, we were friends and I thought there was more respect there.

I still am baffled as to why people do not want to hear ANY original artist (this is not about ME) sing an original hit.

Richard Marx is my pal and I will NEVER tire of hearing the SAME voice I heard on the radio IN PERSON singing “Right Here Waiting.” It is a magical part of being in the music business to me! I loved being in the midst of so many different people with various skills and would never have NOT wanted any of the cast to use all their skills and to enjoy bringing their uniqueness to the mix!

And even the comments about the hook being annoying…at LEAST she redeemed herself there and stated the obvious which is that a catchy hook often means a brand message – in the case of a jingle – will stick!

That aside… I felt AWFUL having to say Patricia’s name but the question was direct as was the answer… She is SO classy and I think too nice a person to endure that energy anymore.

Clay’s voice sounded AMAZING! I seriously have been sounding a bit vocally beat up this past year…kind of in a re training mode if you will! So hearing that warm pure sound coming out of Clay was inspiring!

What you missed! Dayana and I making several trips to the hardware and paint store and scrubbing floors and Dayana painting the walls…why do they always seem to leave out the manual labor?

Overall, I think that much like with the Buick task, there was no better or worse team. It is a matter of the opinion of the execs and our parties were polar opposites!

Thanx to my friend Ernie Lake for helping with the studio and production and track… Whipped it up in a day! Whew!

And…so funny forgetting it in the boardroom! Did ya catch what I said though? Often when I write, I write something and move on. It doesn’t necessarily imprint. I have spent my life being so type A that not being the girl who is on her game 24/7 is fun for me . I’m more laid back these days and loving it!

Anywho… Hope you enjoyed!

Don’t forget to tune into Leno this Wednesday! I asked Arsenio for advice… and, his reply? “Get ’em!”

I’m just going to SHOW UP and have FUN!

Ooooh… And I can’t wait to hear Gavin sing! So excited!

Til next time…

X Deb


I forgot to add that Paul trying to open all of those tiny cocktail umbrellas was quite possibly my favorite moment on the whole season so far. I laughed hysterically!


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