Blog: Debbie reviews Madonna

Hey everyone! 

As promised, here is my recap of the current Madonna tour! She does not need my “review” : ) 

First of all, I had heard mixed things about the show….. and, often as artists get further along in their careers, they sometimes rest on their laurels. 

I was THRILLED to see this was not the case with Ms. M !!! 

The show started out very dark and intense…much like a Quentin Tarrantino film with Madonna in the role of Action Heroine! 

Madonna was clad all in black and was on the prowl with her gals and guns! I am SURE this she has left controversy in her wake but….do we expect anything less? Where does one go after sex and religion? 

I was in awe of her limberness and authority. The gal is BAD!!!! 

I loved that after all the darkness, she counteracted it with the ultimate in girlish innocence and came out in the cheerleader garb we saw on the Superbowl

I also loved that she showed that she was aware of the Gaga “based upon” Born This Way without slamming her… instead she paid homage to Gaga and included a chorus in Express Yourself! 

The next high point for me was worth the ticket price…and I had a super up close view of this….Like a Virgin and Love Spent was a super intimate glimpse into Madonna’s inner world. This portion was so still and internal and cinematic…. She WENT THERE. I know from doing Broadway…this is EXHAUSTING! And…to go there while traveling city to city and doing all else that her show encompasses is truly extraordinary, 

This also for me was the beginning of her voice opening up. I understand the physicallity of singing. I must often do cardio before my voice flows freely. I could hear Madonna’s vocal technique work as the tone was pure and resonate and embodied the richness that began with Evita. 

At one point she showed her naked self and asked the audience “Why do I show my ass…?!?” and she said it was “to get our attention”  That may have been true at first but NOW, I beg to differ. I would say…. It’s because SHE CAN!!!!   

She looks amazing! 

I LOVED the audience interraction about politics and about dropping judgement… She showed us her accessible human side and I longed for a bit more of that BUT, I get that she is still MADONNA afterall and wants to keep that superstar persona and mystery intact! So….she dangled that carrot JUST ENOUGH! 

The song MASTERPIECE is, well JUST THAT  – Gorgeous melody and super deep lyrics especially “Nothing is indestructible.” It sure is! 

LIKE A PRAYER was rousing and amazing and the perfect “oldie” if you will to bring the crowd to a fever pitch. 

I remember as a young girl writing a “shame on you Madonna” letter to the press in relation to her SEX book. My have things changed. Well….namely my perspective. 

I now can see and appreciate how necessary Madonna’s fearlessness is for the advancement and evolution of society.

A world with freedom and without judgement….that is a beautiful thing! 

MADONNA FOR PRESIDENT. She truly cares about PEOPLE! 

Other than Tina Turner, I cannot think of another poster child for AGELESSNESS and TIMELESSNESS and RELEVANCE……   

I was so relieved to see that we can count on SOMEONE to never phone it in. 

As rivetting as this performance was… It leaves me wondering… WHAT WILL MADONNA DO NEXT?!? 

I know I will be there in person to find out! 


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