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Hey everyone! I am SO loving my partnership with HooplaHa for so many reasons! Look at the amazing work they are doing in spreading the word about people doing AMAZING things! I am an advocate of health and awareness and could not be happier that they covered the GIVE project’s Juicing for the Homeless event!

Not only is this event a stand alone home run, but it now got my wheels turning. What else can we do at homeless shelters in the way of lifting spirits and also in terms of health and nutrition? When the cells are being well fed, the mind is clearer and more focussed and people have a chance at learning skills that can take them out of homelessness and into the work force. That is what the song RISE is about.



I LOVE that in a world that pushes sugar and starch on folks that are already fighting so many odds, the GIVE team went for whole raw foods which may cost a bit more and may be harder to obtain, and may also be harder to get people interested in when their taste buds have been numbed by sugar for so long. BRAVO!

This is a step in the right direction!

And, with Thanksgiving coming up, this is inspiring to us all who may be able to reach out to those at shelters like this in our own community to see what can be done to spread love and generosity !


With warmth in my heart,


Find out more about the GIVE Project here.


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