Blog: Thanks Natural Balance, Tillman, & Clay Aiken

I wanted to take a moment to say a HUGE thank you to Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance who JUMPED for me when I reached out on behalf of Clay and The National Inclusion Project. Not only did they donate $20k, but they sent¬†Orel Hershiser the famed pitcher WITH the donation, but they also shipped a photo booth for our carnival themed event! Jimmy Van Patten and I wrote a musical called “The Flunky” opening later this year at The Malibu Stage Company and I have gotten to know the folks at Natural Balance, but was floored when they came up with all these ways to help…. I am SO grateful as is Clay because all of the money went to The National Inclusion Project, a charity which helps integrate children who have been labeled and counted out into “normal” society! What is “normal” anyway?!? A BIG thank you to my friends at NB! And to Tillman for helping me WIN my Buick task for Children International! I think a skateboarding dog is DEFINITELY what pushed it over the edge! THANX GUYS : )


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