Entertainment Tonight Biopic Exclusive

The iconic singer, who guest co-hosted ET on Thursday, reminisced about “hitting the club” at only 16 years old, gaining worldwide fame and the possibility of seeing her life story hit the big screen.

“I’ve been approached to do a biopic of my life,” Gibson told ET’s Kevin Frazier, who then asked who she would want to play her in a movie.

“Ooh, that’s a good question. You know who could probably do it is Jojo Siwa,” she said. “Can’t you see her doing Electric Youth 2020 with all her lightening bolt makeup on her face. She’s kind of got my energy.”

Gibson was only 16 when she released her debut album, Out of the Blue, in 1987, which featured hits like “Shake Your Love,” “Out of the Blue,” and “Foolish Beat.” She would hit the club circuit and perform whenever she could.

“I was 16 so my mom, who’s crazy in the best possible way, was like, ‘Come on kids, we’re hitting the club circuit,” she recalled. “My mom would go in and collect the money upfront from the club owner. She goes, ‘Kids, if I’m not back in 20 minutes, someone is coming after me.'”

These days, Gibson continues to keep herself busy, entertaining her followers on Instagram, as well as hosting her Sirius XM show Debbie Gibson’s Mixtape.

“I like to use my show for pure entertainment and distraction,” she explained. “The thing I love about the blend is I love variety. I have everything from country to rock to super current modern music in my phone….I love listening to young current artists…I love introducing my audience that might not necessarily be listening to younger artists to that kind of music on the show.”

As far as her personal life, the happily single star isn’t looking for love but if she stumbles across it, she’s all for it.

“You know what, if it’s like the be-all, end-all and drops in my lap, I’m ready. How’s that for an answer?” she teased. “I’m super focused on music and dogs, music and dogs every day. It’s honestly, it’s the life, people. I have no complications.”


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