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Hey Everyone!

Sorry it’s taken the better part of the week to tell you all about the amaaazing event we held at La Boheme for Gibson Girl Foundation but, I’ve been recovering : )

I applaud anyone who’s ever put together a benefit. Tons of work! So many details! But – WOW! Beyone worth it! And, a thank you to Team Gibson who made it happen. I pulled together various friends from the world of PR and promotion to pitch in and MAN! Did they ever! Tirelessy and endlessly! So – THANK YOU ALL!

There were celeb friends galore in attendance and I thank them ALL so much for taking time out of their busy lives! But, I think they would agree with me when I say, the real stars of the evening were the performers of Electric Youth! These pint sized pop and theater stars of tomorrow stole the show and stole everyone’s hearts!

We awarded a scholarship to Paychence Anderson. And, my good friend Joe Lake who I’ve worked with through the years on Children’s Miracle Network and now with Starfish Television, was so taken with this talented young lady, he took it upon himself to find a personal sponser in order to provide her with the opportunity to come to camp this summer! I’d say she had an impact!

To watch one performer after the other get up and perform, mainly original songs, after watching them grow and develop as writers and performers over the past 9 months (is that all?!?) was mind boggling. The audience forgot they were watching kids under the age of 20 and were lost in the music and the powerful performances.

My favorite moments in the evening were when the young performers got the chance to perform aside Broadway vets Eden Esponosa and John Lloyd Young. Madison Logan held her own belting out Wicked beside Eden and Tanner, Caden, Daniel, Nick, and future Jersey Boys star Aaron, were “The FIVE Seasons” alongside John Lloyd Young for a rolicking version of “Walk Like a Man”!

There were so many fabulous auction items that I decided to hold a few back and auction them off online. Stay tuned for details….. In about a week the fun will begin! You may be meeting stars up close and personal before the summer’s out : )

I cannot tell you what a cloud I’ve been on all week thanx to the energy put into this amazing night!

Big Love!

X Deb


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