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Hi everyone!

I am writing this anecdote to share with you what happened to me this weekend en route from LA to Vegas…. I am hoping in doing so to see justice done! Let me explain….

I boarded the plane, with my “business select” ticket as I am a frequent SW customer, excited for my romantic getaway weekend with my man.

After about 20 minutes of the 60 minute flight went by, I got up to use the restroom.

While in the restroom, the flight attendant started banging on the door saying “Miss! Smoking is NOT permitted in flight!”.

I was thinking – “Is she talking to me?” So, I replied…”Sorry?” – as I’m trying to do my business in peace!

Then, I feel her hands all but coming through the side of the restroom. There must be someway they can bust in or whatever. She’s banging and I quickly pause what I’m doing, pull up my jeans, and open the door. Can you say “feeling a bit violated?”

She was literally in my face yelling at me in front of everyone – accusing me, without premise, of smoking! I have nothing against smokers. It is a free country I just happen to be a non-smoker and have been all my life. And, If I was a smoker, I wouldn’t commit a federal offense by sneaking a cigarette in an airplane restroom!

So, I calmly said – “Ma’am, I am actually a singer and don’t smoke. And, if you’d like to pat me down you will find I do not have cigarettes, a lighter, matches….in fact, go into the restroom and look in the trash too if you’d like but, I’d like an apology because I was going to the bathroom in there, not smoking!”

She continued ranting and raving “I don’t HAVE to check, anyone can smell and see the smoke in the air!”

Again, I’m thinking – “Huh?!?”. Ummmm, there was no haze or smoke or anything in the air. To lighten the mood I said “Maybe what your smelling is gas? I AM a bit gassy today!!!”

She then abruptly said, “I will deal with you later!”

Again, I demanded an apology.

By this point, other passengers were whispering and pointing. A few knew me as I heard my name being murmured. Grrreat!

She then got on her phone and called what, at this point I thought may be the police to greet me upon arrival! I have to admit, now I was getting nervous because this woman was one hundred percent sure that I was smoking in that restroom! Innocent ’til proven guilty? I think not. I was actually kinda hoping there would be police and some kind of blood test or something to really show her!!!

She also pointed me out to her counterpart. I was a marked passenger!

This woman should be fired. She publicly humiliated an innocent person. The fact that she ruined my flight and I didn’t get to relax is beside the point. She was aggressive and accusatory with NO premise. It was absolutely ridiculous.

I even smelled my sweater this morning thinking “I was in my friend’s car who is a smoker the other night…maybe my sweater smells of smoke?”. It doesn’t! And, if it did, is it a crime to smell like smoke? I have nothing against smokers – I am simply not one. And, the fact that I had to defend myself for the better part of the flight is appalling. The irony is, when I eventually sat back down to try to cool off, I went back to my reading material….a health and fitness magazine as I am clean living!

I got her name on the way off the plane. Marion. Scottish or Irish woman. Flying daily from Burbank to Vegas. Beware!!!

I am not traveling Southwest ’til someone does something about this situation. A written or face to face apology from this woman would be nice.

For a 39 year old professional woman to be singled out for no good reason, and – for her not to take me at my word is an injustice. And, clearly I was not some teenage party girl/rebel heading out of town for a weekend of debauchery! It takes only a relatively aware and instinctual person to assess that!

So, that’s my story….. I will most likely be driving back to LA because I really do not want to even chance seeing that woman’s face again. I guess a badge and a walkie talkie make some people feel reeeeally powerful! And, to think I gave her courtesy laughs during her attempted comical take on the safety routine!

The good news is, I had fabulous French food with my fabulous boyfriend! Smoking was allowed on the patio. We sat inside : )

Safe and peaceful travels everyone!!



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