Gibson Girl Testimonial

In 2008 Deborah gave my daughter Danielle Hernandez the chance to go to her camp with help from a scholarship. She subsequently went to the camp in 2009 and 2010 also with help on scholarships. I wanted to say thank you because Deborah gave Danielle some of the best opportunities to get her started in music and other aspects of the performing arts.

Danielle was a very shy 8-year-old when she came to the camp in 2008 but now she loves to be on stage and performs whenever she gets the chance through school music class, music recitals, dance showcases and a performance vocal/dance group.



Danielle was diagnosed in April of 2010 with very rare epilepsy seizure disorder and music and the performing arts has been a great outlet for her. We are very grateful for what Deborah and the camp has done for Danielle with the opportunities to expose her to all aspects of performing arts and with that not letting her condition stop her from reaching her dreams.

So again thank you to Ms. Gibson, the foundation and all who had been involved in making these opportunities for Danielle. Danielle has never forgotten the time she spent with Deborah at the camps and how she sang at Deborah’s benefit with Deborah on piano accompanying her. Deborah you have helped mold this child’s love for music and the arts!!!!

Very sincerely,
Christine Hernandez


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