Blog: Greetings From the Air!

Greetings from the air! LOVE wireless on planes!


SO glad you are all enjoying the song!


This is just the tip of the new music iceberg : )     The songs that are to come are taking time and patience and me being in a certain space to record them because they mean that much to me! Stay tuned!


Had this magical weird night in the studio where I sang for like 8 hours straight….Did this DON’T WAKE ME vocal that night….and definitely pushed my voice in a raw way and it was FUN! I usually sing more purely and it was fun to not care about having to do a show the next day or whateva and just go for it!


This Wed Oct 3rd the Jace Hall remake of Electric Youth is out on The Jace Hall Show along with the new 3D video!


CANNOT wait to share that with you all too!


Wingin’ my way to visit Papa Joe, shoot some pieces for HooplaHa including one with Contortion Sisters from Cirque who will perform with me LIVE at Parliment House Saturday night as well as on the Daily Buzz Thursday! Co Hosting the BUZZ…cannot wait! AND – If my tiara did not break en route in my suitcase I will be sporting it at the PRIDE parade on Sat afternoon!


AND… my boys Buddy and Eddie will be with me dancin’ up a storm Sat night


We ALL cannot wait! WOO HOO!


Hope you are all having as much fun as I am!






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