Blog: Happy Anniversary “Lost In Your Eyes”

I can remember coming home from school and sitting at our family Kimball upright piano and just starting to play the intro to “Lost In Your Eyes,” as if it was already written. I pretty much played it top to bottom and scribbled as I went. I could feel the magic!

My first album was already recorded and I was soon to be embarking on a summer tour! I knew I wanted to put it in the set.

I can remember the audience response clear as day as the opening notes to the intro played. The audiences responded as if it were already a hit.

There was no doubt in my mind as to what the first single off the “Electric Youth” album should be. In some of the higher ups opinion it was risky to kick an album off with the ballad, but I felt like why not put your best foot forward and give the people what they want!

This song was the second song I produced on my own as well as a second number one. To me the key to producing a great ballad is to step out of the way and let the music do the talking. There is really no great skill or mystery involved.

Some of my favorite memories of playing the song were performing it on the AMA’s the year I co hosted, performing it last year in Chile, and even performing it seaside to Ryan Seacrest in an early morning serenade on KTVU Mornings on 2. The song brings back great memories and is constantly providing new ones!

Last year I crashed a wedding in a restaurant I frequent and sang it to the newlyweds acapella! My lovely agent David Shapira’s daughter used it as her wedding song unbeknownst to him until after he signed me LOL! He knows it now!

It’s the song that keeps on giving and I’m blessed the song fairies dropped it on me and I get to call it my own. But it really belongs to all of us! Thank you to all who have listened to and loved it over the years …

Happy #1 Day to “Lost in Your Eyes”!

X Debbie



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