Blog: Headlines Are Sometimes Misleading

My comments on Taylor Swift were meant to be loving, constructive and with insight, having once stood where she now stands. I have learned over the years, first hand, that striving for perfection can be a double edged sword and Taylor is indeed the epitome of perfection. If you look through my history on Twitter, I have always publicly loved, adored and supported Taylor Swift. My comment came simply from the fact that as somebody who grew up as a teen star, much like Taylor, I deeply understand the emotional and psychological subtleties. I think the public now expects Taylor to be an image of herself that started when she was just a teenager. It is a danger in getting boxed into that corner psychologically. As a somewhat comical example, I did not have my first glass of wine until age 38 because it became such a “thing” that I was so pristine. Developmentally, this ends up causing challenges as you become a circus spectacle instead of a human being. All I am saying is “type A” and “perfection” isn’t always where it’s at, and, if I had the opportunity to produce a song for Taylor, I would relish the opportunity to take all her glorious perfection and “break it down” and “raw it up.” No where in the TV interview did I tell her to pull all nighters at clubs. I simply said I think Miley is living her authentic life and it’s a book I can take a page from. One of the hardest lessons in life is to live without caring – TRULY not caring what people think. Hats off to both gals for surviving teen stardom, thus far. I have many a Taylor Swift song on my iPod, fyi. I just sit from a unique vantage point as I was quite similar to Taylor in many ways and can see how tough it is to live up to expectations and an image people paint of you. All meant with love and respect.

I do think Miley’s emotional availability in her work is far beyond her years and do hope she does not get into any health trouble (as stated on the TV show) and to both girls…Rock on little sistas!



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