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Hi Everyone! 
I wanted to take a moment to share some amazing products that have been working for me as well as the Doc behind them and specific protocols that accompany them. 
I am not officially a part of this company and receive nothing for promoting this other than to help you all feel better and better! 
I have found that Camu, Wild Greens, Thera, and Takesumi are wonderful detoxers and immune boosters. Morinda is fabulous if dealing with candida, which is very prevalent in Lyme patients. 
I am including links below to Michael Leibowitz’s books and products. I had the pleasure of speaking with him recently at length and he is happy to help my friends (that is you!) find an Applied Kinesiology practitioner near you who does his protocols. To make a request please email and we will get back to you. 
In the meantime, check out his books to figure out what products may work best for you! 
Here is to great health and continuing your journey to overcoming Lyme or any health challenges you may be facing. I would like to add that these products and books will help all of you with all sorts of things including just improving your health til it is optimal! 
Love Always … 

Body Restoration

God’s Preventative Medicine

Body Restoration Cookbook

Supreme Nutrition

Elite Energy


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