Blog: Hi from amazing Japan!

Hey everyone!

Japan is AMAZING! SO great to be back!

I had the honor of being interviewed by Hiro Ozaki, the son of the late Yutaka Ozaki who wrote and sang the original version of “I Love You”, the first single off Ms, Vocalist.

His show “Concerned Generation” on Inter FM is about just that. Young people wanting to make social change. Electric Youth so to speak!

I found him to be a thoughtful interviewer and a sensitive and deep young man who is representing his father’s legacy with grace.

The interview airs tonite – Nov 6th – and I do hope you tune in to hear us chatting in detail about the song and album, as well as Children International and my recent visit to Manila, and so much more!

Arigato to all the wonderful people I’m meeting, and re-meeting!

And, Eric Martin of Mr. Big and Mr, Vocalist fame is so fun and talented and we are having a blast promoting our respective albums!

Thanx to Sony for all their hard work! I hope this is the start of much more to come!

Speaking of which…. Later this month tix will be available for my mini TOUR of Japan at Billboard live! Keep checking the sight to be among the first to hear Ms. Vocalist Live!!!

Hope you’re all swell 🙂

I’m now going to try to pretend my body doesn’t think it’s day instead of night and get some sleep as I sing tomorrow on television again….all air dates will be announced soon!

ARIGATO from Tokyo!!!

Debbie-San !!!

P.S. I had the honor of sharing the stage with legendary traditional Japanese singer Fuyumi Sakamoto. She was SO elegant and her voice SO crystal clear! And, I was SO thrilled to hear someone through the walls doing vocal warm ups other than me!!!

She was also so gracious and generous she presented me with a huge bouquet of yellow roses symbolizing luck! I know she went and got them herself – it wasn’t some promo gimmick!

It would be like Ms. Streisand handing any of us flowers….what an honor!

I hope to be a part of the Japanese musical landscape without another decade long absence for years to come. I truly love it here!


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