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“@DebbieGibson $1,799 is rather expensive for a diet/weight loss program, isn’t it?”

In reply to Ken’s tweet. This is a great question!

To address :

1) It’s not a one off diet. It is a way to change your life. What’s that worth to you?

2) There are two price tiers depending on your needs. You chose to single out the higher. For someone like me who has always sought out the best…trainers, holistic approaches to health, etc, I found it costs less to spend this once than to fiddle around trying a million things that do not work long term.

3) This program comes with guidance and support from medical professionals. You don’t buy at at a GNC with a wave and smile. What is support worth to you? What do you spend going to doctors and purchasing meds? Get healthy deeply and for real with a propor jump start and see how much money you save.

4) How many diet pills and fads and gadgets off of infomercials have you spent money on that did not work?

If you truly understand what this sort of dedication to your health is worth, this program is for you. If if does not resonate with you and you do not see the virtues of a healthy fool proof way to change your life for the better than this clearly is not for you and would never be recommended!

I thank you for your question. Always welcome!

Keep ’em comin’!!

Thank you!



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