Blog: Last night!

SO – I loved last nights episode!

There were a few thing that definitely surprised me as always… I will start with those

I was asked who the group elected PM. Of course it seemed I was anti Theresa which I was not. I just felt like Dayana was qualified too and Sverige kept basically saying she was just a pretty face and this was probably the right moment and best task for her to show more colors. Theresa had not been put on the chopping block. Dayana had.

Secondly- Tia and I ran around town like lunatics and then ran up and down the street and the stairs with all the props for the display… Those that did get used, and those that didn’t! It was fun and funny and exhausting but wasn’t really a key story point.

I thought all else was portrayed correctly! SO glad we never saw whose idea using Ivanka’s sketches was and only saw Dayana asking for permission to use them! Now we will never know and I’m quite glad!

As you can see in next weeks preview, I am PM ! I am also called condescending! Well – I will say this for now. When you are project manager it is such a surreal and strange whirlwind that at times I could barely breathe and I sure I had my snippy moments. Not going to deny that!

You also maybe saw Tilman the skateboarding dog in the preview. All I will say is… He is my pal so see how he fits into the picture along with Natural Balance frontman and collaborator on The Flunky (I’m composer) The Musical Jimmy Van Patten.

Being that I know nothing about cars (I don’t even drive stick!) next week is going to be a wild ride!

Tune in 🙂

I will be live on Twitter and on NBC Pacific Time giving my play by play!

Off to shoot the Rosie show! And, this week… Hollywood Uncensored, Adam Corolla’s podcast, CNN Showbiz Tonite and more! Whew!

X Deb


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