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Hi Everyone!

On this, the day of my arrival here on earth, I share these thoughts with you!

A) There is no birth or death…spirit is infinite!

B) Today I am laying low and turning inward. Something I do more of as time goes on!

C) I do not fixate on the “number”. Not because I am afraid or ashamed of getting “older” but, with those numbers, come all kinds of things we have heard and buy into. What if we did not live by a calendar year?!? What if we did not know of timelines in regard to health or babies or career achievements or fashion etc. How do YOU feel right now?!? Me? I feel more vibrant and vital than EVER!

D) Many are “age-ist” in the music biz. I was told I was “Too Young” to do it then and told I am “Too Old” to do it now. I am all about shattering people’s perceptions! We are all TIMELESS and best to wait for the magic music and not put mediocrity out there. So, stay tuned. It will be worth the wait. I have been digging DEEP!

E) With time and age for me has come the wisdom to let go and know that we were never in control anyway. By thinking I was, I created anxiety because of some expectation I had about how I SHOULD feel or what I SHOULD be doing. So I find now that the more “out of control” and open I feel, in actuality, the closer to my own center I actually am. Being a slave to routine and comfort or obligations can lead to complacency and boredom and presenting some image of who you want to be as opposed to being who you are.

F) I have learned that being AUTHENTIC is the ONLY way! This year I did some things where I portrayed a version of myself. It cost my soul and I will never do those things again. I accept who I am on any given day though it ain’t always pretty. Truth is not sometimes. But live your TRUTH!

G) Today, if you do anything for yourself, me, and others, do something charitable. Give of your time, energy, money, spirit….knowing all the while YOU will always have enough!

Those letters in front of each thought represent the music notes in a scale!

I leave you in suspense and do not resolve going back to the A cuz I like living on the edge and not knowing what is coming next!!!! Daunting but exhilarating! In that uncomfortable space is where the magic lays. Like a movie with less words and more close ups. Like the silent moment in Pink’s SOBER. THAT is music to my ears!

As Jason Mraz said ever so poetically “Open up your plans and damn you’re free….”!!!!! Today and always I am FREE and HAPPINESS is free to us all at any given moment no matter how trying are these times!

SO…Happy ARRIVAL day to me. To my Mama who delivered me here and shared my first cry (she told me I haven’t shut up since! LOL) and my Dad who juggled his shifts at work to take me to auditions and has taught me that to be light in spirit is to never have anything keep ya down for long!
To my Man who has brought to me the freedom to be my true self…the most priceless gift. To my friends who do not need me to report on my life but support me in living it. To all my family who tag teams in supporting my parents and each other and is at the root of so much of who I am, and to all of you who have stuck with me when it was not the popular thing to do…I feel you all truly know me and support me like family…YOU can choose to make TODAY the start of a new and exciting chapter! Please dare to do that!!!!

Oh! A break from the serious….Fave new drink: Espresso Martini. Have one and raise a glass in honor of 8/31/70 tonight!

Tweet me pix of you doing so!

Have a great and safe and carefree holiday weekend everyone!


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