Blog: Colorado tragedy

Hey everyone!

I know I have been super quiet as of late.

It is a funny thing…..I walk the line of “I am interacting with amazing people and filling them in on my daily life and getting to know them….how fantastic!” and “I feel way too self important telling folks where I am and what I am doing. Who cares?!?”

I have found that in the past couple of weeks, I have been able to be somewhat more attentive to my life and people around my while not reporting on it or thinking “oooh…I am going to write about this later”.

This, to me, ties into the tragedy that happened in Colorado in an indirect way.

As I watched things unfold, first of all – I had to NOT watch too much because I take things in deeply. I woke up today thinking “Why do I feel so under water this morning?” Oh yeah…There is is current of sadness running through our country right now that affects us all.

I assume that any of you reading this are “in tune” in that way if you have connected to me and to each other in my community. You are all people who are moved by music and humanitarians in one way or another. We are all linked in spirit and in getting to know many of you, I know you are sensitive people!

My first thought upon hearing the news AFTER “Oh my God…these poor people who lost their lives, their friends and loved ones, and those who will be trying to cleanse themselves of this trauma for a long time to come” was, “I can feel the anti gun folks applauding their new platform!”. I then heard of many tweets along those lines. Saying “I don’t understand automatic weapons” which to me is a distraction from the actual issue here. The people carrying those weapons and what possesses people to commit acts of violence against their neighbor.

We, as Americans, have the right to bear arms. I would hate to think that slowly our rights are getting stripped away (and they are….case in point – I used to be able to see my loved ones off at the gate at the airport)

Same thought occurred after air terrorism events. I thought “Great….Here come the butter knives!” as if someone who wanted to commit an act of violence would not find a way to otherwise do so. Taking away our silverware, to me, is an insult. Will they be cutting off hands and arms next? People do throw punches!

What I feel has happened, and is happening everywhere in the past many years, is that people have become hidden behind technology and using it as a way to “connect” but, in actuality, when abused or overused, it creates a DISconnect!

People are so distracted that they forget how to truly connect with people. Therefore, someone can be deeply emotionally disturbed and friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc have NO idea. How does this happen?!? I am not blaming these events on the Internet. Nor am I blaming it on gun laws. What I am saying is that at the root of these sorts of disasters is lack of awareness, education, understanding of many things. The responsibility that comes with owning a weapon. I have handled guns and can say with certainty that unless someone has an understanding of safety as well as being of sound mind then they should not own a gun. But, in terms of self defense and empowerment, as our forefathers stated years ago, it is everyone’s right to bear arms as well as to pursue happiness. Our rights are our rights. Pursuing happiness too comes with responsibility. One should not do that at a COST to others or let raw ambition and shrewdness lead the way. It is all about the same thing. Living an honest life, empowered in knowledge, and adding to society in some way.

The other thing wrong in this country is the lack of awareness about depression and mental illness. When was the last time you heard someone say “I am taking a mental health day?!?” Being someone who went through anxiety issues and other sorts of mental health issues, I can understand the feeling of being in a deep dark hole and not feeling like yourself enough to even drive a car or sit a dinner table or carry on normal conversation. Take those issues and put them on someone who has dark thoughts and a tendency toward violence…. Well, it is a recipe for disaster.

I am not up on all of the facts about how this guy got into the theater etc but I am aware of how he was dressed. Again – AWARENESS. People who work in a restaurant let’s say are trained to ID everyone. So – After someone recognizes me, says they grew up with my music etc, they then say “ID please!” Ummmm…. OK, to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe I am not really who they think I am. BUT – the point I am making is that society has become so dumbed down that people are not trusting their OWN judgement and instincts.Someone will look at me in the recording studio and say “That pitch is right. I can see it.” And I say “Well I can HEAR it and it is flat!”

People are hiding behind computer screens ALL DAY and are unable to function in society and maybe recognize when something is not right.

There is racial profiling at airports and small children are patted down by the TSA…. Again – There is some text book version set of rules we are living by and no one is stopping to look deep into someone’s eyes and just KNOW because they KNOW that something is not right.

Anytime there is a cop giving out a parking ticket, I think “This is a victimless crime….” The shooting that occurred this past week is NOT. And I know everyone is SO saddened because this presents a sudden feeling that we are not safe in the most innocent of places…. a movie theater. Regular folks like ourselves looking to be entertained in their down time lost their lives. SO tragic. But looking at one single act of violence is not the answer. Punishing the crime weapon and not all people who do not do right by the laws of GOD and COUNTRY (We all know when we are doing right and doing wrong…do we not?) is not the answer either.

We have troubled youth in our county and in our schools. We have somewhat become numb and have buried our instincts for reaching out to those in need with concern and compassion. It is EASIER to be numb and report on our lives in sound bites in cute and clever ways. Our babies have fan pages but, what moments are we missing when making updates?

I hear about things my nieces and nephews are doing from friends. Shame on Auntie Deb for not calling them more often!

I know this is a lot to digest. Yet simple.

As Michael Jackson so profoundly sang “I’m starting with the man in the mirror” !!!

Start looking inward and at others and see how we can’t help subtlety shift the climate in this country and in the world.

Let us wake each day and remind ourselves of our unbreakable spirits, our God given inalienable rights, and take time to truly get to know people so that we can pass on all of this insight to them and start a positive chain reaction….

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

With love and sympathy for all the victims, with sadness in my heart, and faith in all of us to start making changes!!!



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