Blog: From The National Inclusion Project Gala

Hey everyone! Twitter is not working from the dressing room here at The National Theater so I’m sending this thru the grapevine!

Just finished sound-checking with Clay. SO fun! More fun singing an “oldie” with a partner! We literally ran it once and are making up harmonies as we go along so it’ll be very much in the moment!!!

Can’t wait!!!

I’ve seen some of the honorees around and my heart is warm because we are here for THEM!!!

I remember being involved years ago with the Special Olympics and a young woman with Down Syndrome from the gymnastics team became a friend. I learned that her parents were told she should be institutionalized at birth. That shed never lead a “normal life”. Well – she has since become a manicurist and married and ….thank God for her parents and for programs like The National Inclusion Project who aim to intergrate kids who are challenged in various ways into mainstream society !

Everyone thrives!

Can’t wait for tonight!

Honored to be here!

X Deb


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