Blog: More On My Personal Health Journey

Hi everyone! Here is some more on my personal health journey….

I have always been active as a performer, but my eating habits were not the best. I learned, however, to creatively dress and highlight my cheek bones in a way that may have made the fluctuations less obvious. But, anyone reading this knows that, if they are truly being honest with themselves, it is no fun having to navigate, cover and cinch; basically doing whatever we had to do to make ourselves look how we wish we felt!  Now, I can say, at long last, my outside matches my inside.
Apart from the physical appearances, and, I feel the most important thing, is the emotional part of all of this. I would go through long stretches of time feeling “mediocre”. I actually got used to a low grade depression feeling that nagged at me in a subtle, yet profound way. Have you ever had that feeling of being “under water”? Your thoughts are a bit foggy, you are carrying around layers that jumped on there from something emotional you were trying to hide from? Well, I go through all the “real life” things everyone goes through and I was “protecting myself” – or so I thought – from a range of issues related to career, family, finances, loss of a pet….you name it! And, food – as for many of us – is a “go to” source of immediate comfort. However, when the layers start coming on a little bit at a time, we have now added one more thing to contend with. Then the issues at hand get stuffed down along with that bag of Cheetos!
So, I decided that after years of countless eating programs, as well as OVER working out to the point of injury (back doctors told me in my 30’s I would “never walk uphill again” from pounding my body like a pro athlete!), I wanted a permanent solution. I needed something that would last beyond the months of calorie counting, the heart rate monitoring, the treadmill and the trainer. All of the math had to go because the stretch marks were appearing every time the 10 – 20 lbs jumped back on! Do any of you really want to live in the gym for weight management? NO! I now walk, do Pilates, do whatever I want whenever I want for flexibility and strength and posture and circulation and mood…but NOT for weight. That is too stressful!
We all need different solutions for our issues, and for me, the more extreme version of the Better Than Lipo program is what I needed. This includes an ALL NATURAL, injectable medication, and a carefully thought out, well researched and monitored eating plan which got me on the fast track to finally facing myself and my bad habits! I wanted a no nonsense approach and I found it. Be careful what you wish for! Seriously, if you take away reaching for crunchy things in packages every ten minutes, you’ll see what you are left with…. YOU! Spending quiet time with yourself is one of the hardest, and most enlightening things you can ever do in your life! I realized just how adrenaline driven I was, and how addicted to sugar I was! I learned how much I was governed by actual foods and the activity of eating them! When I started eating less, and realized what I used to call “low blood sugar” was actually an excuse many use to snack. It was eye opening! I learned that it was a myth that you MUST eat breakfast or MUST eat 5 times a day, when in fact we are ALL different, and more importantly, each DAY is different. This information was shocking to me! I now do not eat crappy airline food simply because I feel hungry. I have learned that you do not die or pass out from waiting for quality food for an extra few hours. I have also learned that the food industry thrives on feeding people addictive substances and lace virtually EVERYTHING with sugar! Sorry, but if I am going to have 10 grams of sugar it is going to be because I CHOOSE to order the homemade hot apple pie, not because I accidentally had it in my salad dressing! I can still enjoy rich delectable foods….in moderation….and have been in a happy and healthy zone! I am finally FREE of food addiction, and it has revealed so much to me, and empowered me in unimaginable ways. When you are not succumbing to the brainwashing, you stop being a victim and begin to make better choices for yourself. That is AMAZING!
Also AMAZING, but in a different way, is that my telling the TRUTH about my process cost me the cover of a leading health magazine…
More on that tomorrow!

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