Everything old is new again!

Hey everyone! I love when I re-discover music from my past and it feels new again! Out of nowhere I started singing “Love Changes Everything”! I remember being in the UK as a teen and feeling so cool bringing back this pop gem. Probably as a cassingle!!! It just FEELS GOOD!

I never met Climie Fischer but this song was a part of the soundtrack to my life!

I don’t care how many times I hear the latest boyband craze is akin to Beatlemania. The Bros. Phenomenon truly was! I opened for them at WEMBLEY Stadium and my ears are still recovering from the screams. Matt Goss has always been a true original. As a band, they were magic. But it’s Matt’s voice and star quality and sincerity that now has audiences who never heard this amazing track screaming weekends at Ceasar’s in Vegas. If you’ve never heard this, hear the song that is the standard by which every boy band should set the mark. They never really were a boyband as they were self made and have the writing chops and dared to use ’em way back when!


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