It is with great pride I give you a thorough look at CADE BITNER and his self produced EP!

What I love, apart from the music – which I will get to in a minute – is his story.

Cade started as a celeb asst to folks like…..well, me! LOL.

While he was helping me with everything you can imagine, I became aware that there was a voice in there dying to get out.

I would drag him into my home studio to help sing demos for The Flunky and, I recall one particular adventure where I THANKED GOD he was around and had musicianship because we were onboard an Atlantis Gay Cruise and I found I brought the wrong music charts for the band and we needed to literally cut and paste together parts for 7 different instruments and piece them together… Let me just say that had he not been around, I would have been performing without a band!

OK – Now to Cade’s EP

The song “You’re Here” starts in traditional storyteller fashion and evolves dynamically but never loses Cade’s relaxed signature sound. As someone who tends to push when they sing (me that is) I appreciate how difficult it is to stay relaxed and open! I love that “Survivor”, the title track, chronicles his journey in getting to this place. No longer behind the scenes, Cade had the guts to use the support of fans and “kickstart” his own musical journey. Few dare to dance their dream!

“Down” is reminiscent of early Bruce Hornsby and “Don’t Wanna See You Again” has shades of Cathy Dennis one of my fav songwriters!

If you crave traditional melody from a guy who is open about all facets of his life, check out this gem, which many of you helped create and fund! For that I thank you!

I hope Cade does some live shows soon because in the day and age of over embellishing and bells and whistles, this EP is a breath of fresh air!

Check it out and support someone who dared to own the artist inside and let his voice be heard!

Also enjoy me turning the tables and interviewing Cade and check out his awesome John Legend acoustic YouTube video!




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