Soooo, after sifting through many many suggestions from all of you I have decided on a pick for this week!

I am featuring a group out of ISRAEL called THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS

I myself had never heard of them, but thanx to @linhumphrey through Twitter I now have a new complete album in my iTunes library. And how often does THAT happen in this day and age of ADD and single downloads only.

After just a taste of Video Games and Gucci Gun I decided I had to have it ALL!

This group is such an amazing blend of 80's a la Depeche Mode, Devo, Pet Shop Boys, and current/recent (GG has the swagger of “Womanizer”!) and I hear production elements influenced by everyone from David Guetta to Gotye.

I am not sure how much exposure Ivri Leder and the gang has had Internationally but if I was touring tomorrow I would take them with me!

I love that they have an electronica thing happening but ROCK! They have not auto tuned the soul out of their music like many current acts.

I particularly love the video for the song in their namesake Young Professionals which made me wanna book a flight to Tel Aviv. I have never been. I see in the visuals what I hear in the music.... a sense of history mixed with a fresh take on the current cosmopolitan landscape! It looks like a true melting pot and being a native New Yorker I feel a connection.

These guys have talent, humor, and what I hope will be a global reach so...spread the word!

I am now going to jam to the entire album while doing my Sunday cleaning!

I am not naturally domestic so this should inspire me to moooooove! WOO HOO!




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