Hey everyone!

SO – in the mania of my working weekend I remembered that NEW MUSIC MONDAY was upon us!

I thought “Shoot… NO idea what I am going to feature!” 

Then I thought… “HEY… What about sharing a recent new song of MINE that has not been released and give it away to all of you, my faithful friends!” 

This song is called “Don’t Wake Me” !!!

It is a very different sound for me and was written a few a years ago and recorded between then and now! I cannot remember exactly when. In fact, I am about to write up the credits from my head cuz I cannot reach anyone on a Sunday eve to confirm! 

Spontaneous sharing : ) 

This vocal was done super late night when I was part hoarse and tired from 6 hours of singing already and super warmed up at the same time. It created textures I had never felt before which was super cool for me to experience and I hope you enjoy the sound! 

This song does not quite fit the vibe of the new album I am working on, but I ADORE it…. so I decided to share it this way! It saddens me to have it hidden away! 

The following amazing people were a part of this recording : 

Producers : Gavin MacKillop and Debbie Gibson
Music n Lyrics : Debbie Gibson
Exec Producer : Ira Wallach, Diane Gibson, Debbie Gibson 
Drums : Ryan Hoyle
Bass : Sean Hurley
Guitar : Tim Kobza 
Keyboards : Debbie Gibson 
Piano and Vox: Debbie Gibson
Mastered by: Mark Chalecki at “Little Red Book Mastering”
Photo Credit :  Dr. Rutledge

Recorded at Glenwood Studios, California 

Stay tuned for my new Electric Youth Reloaded 3D Video debut on The Jace Hall Show October 3rd! 

OMG ….SO happy to be letting this song out of the nest! 



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