SOOOO … I will start by saying… I do NOT know this girl and other than a brief encounter that she is unaware of (til now!) I never met her!

I was visiting Universal City Walk in LA a couple of weeks ago, making my way through City Walk, when I heard this voice chirping “Hey…I just met you….This is craaaazy” in a cool broken down way and thought “Carly Rae Gibson… I mean Jepsen… Is that you?!?”

As I neared the voice….and the throngs of teenaged girls and families and boys and….well, all tourists at Universal, I saw a tiny blonde gal strumming and belting away effortlessly! If Carly and Taylor were sisters, and they had a sister, this would be her!!!!

Megan Arial was singing her heart out and I went up and put a $20 in her guitar case and sang a quick harmony to “Call Me Maybe” – she smirked, but like a true pro did not miss a note – and then I proceeded to buy a CD from her dad. I introduced myself but it did not resonate that I was a fellow artist. He was in “Proud Dad” mode!!!! LOL THAT too was SO refreshing as I used to stand on milk crates on Brooklyn street corners and my dad used to stuff mailboxes with fliers for his co workers at TWA to call and request my songs on the radio! THIS seems like the same kind of home spun operation. AND the CD was $5. SMART!!!!!

So…. POPS – Here I am spreading the word about your FAB daughter!

I am not sure of her age and did not research that as I am not into anyone being pigeonholed! I think she is fairly young as her lyrics are refreshingly youthful but, any music lover can get on board with Megan now and enjoy watching her develop. She is off to an amazing start!

I was THRILLED to see the credits on her CD as she writes as well! I guess the cover tunes are for the tourists! But… Good for you girl for gettin’ out there and GIGGIN’! On the job training is the BEST!

The title track of her LP avail on ITUNES is “Waiting in the Wings”. It is a country/pop tune that features the tone that caught my ear as it rang through the night air. She has a richness and shimmery quality to her voice that is captivating. She sings with an ease and freshness that is missing in some other quite famous teen stars’ voices who tend to push! If she does not get into the stressful scenario of labels and big machines and keeps her grass roots growing, I KNOW she will retain this purity!

“Save Me” sounds as if it was DIRECTLY inspired by Taylor Swift much like I have songs DIRECTLY inspired by Madonna and George Michael. I love that this reflects that she is into listening to current and relavant music.

“They’re Coming” is a daunting teen Broadway meets Teen angst film score (think “Bring it On”) song that also shows that she can head in more of a Florence and the Machine direction should she wish!

“No Sleep Tonight” reminds me of a little sister to my recent free download “Don’t Wake Me” .

The only thing missing for me was maybe something a bit more pop infused in production…a bit tighter in spots. Her voice and personality can handle a few cool relevant sounds in spots that would subtly broaden her reach without taking away from the down home purity …. And… a power ballad! I would love to hear her belt and sustain in a LeAnn or Celine fashion just once.

If you need any help with that Megan….I would gladly collaborate! “Ballads are us” LOL

OR, a country tinged remake of “Lost in Your Eyes” would fit your vocal stylings perfectly! ?!?

Was so glad I ventured out that night and joined what I like to call “Young Hip America” and discovered there is talent showcasing what they’ve got in places OTHER than on TV talent shows! And, for the love of it!!!

Do your THANG girl!!!

You’ve got a huge supporter in me!


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