Hey everyone!!!

I got to mid day Sunday without being thrilled about any new music to introduce you too…… Until I checked my email and found a link to a youtube video by my great friend DAVID OSMOND’s live rendition of FALLING SLOWLY performed with Jesse Funk and the SALT LAKE POPS !!!

I have always admired his voice and the effortlessness and ease by which he lives which carries through into his singing!

I know this song is not new, and all though I love the simplicity of the original, it was a PERFECT choice to integrate Pop and Symphony and hopefully introduce big orchestrations to a whole new generation. I had never before heard of Jessie Funk but WOW. This girl just opens up and it is like a lid comes off of the top of her head and the sound flies and pours out. Incredible! Salt Lake Pops under the leadership of Nathaniel Drew does an amazing job of giving the traditional Symphony crowd what they want…That opening violin is SO moving… but then the arrangement ventures into more radical territory and gets REALLY FULL ON!!!!! There is that huge vocal choir hauntingly heard in the background that is so super cool! Then what I believe is a piccolo closes it out and we are brought back to simplicity again. Both David and Jessie can be subtle but, can also hang with this grand sweeping production!


And not just because he is my friend!

Though I do love seeing great people doing great things! And, when I do, I must spread the word!!!

And, worth mentioning is that David has overcome what would have been obstacles to many and continues to thrive. It made me so happy to hear him sounding stronger than ever which, goes to show us all that no health diagnosis can cover the God given talent which is not of the body…it is channelled. It is of the spirit! And David is channelling here and I could not be happier to be able to share this with you!

BRAVO DAVID and, for those of you who have never seen him live, I have never heard him sound less than thrilling! And. I now must go check out the Salt Lake Pops live!

Other fave (semi) new and noteworthy songs worth mentioning :

NAS Featuring Anthony Hamilton – World’s an Addiction To me, this defines a new genre “Urban Classical”

DUSTIN LYNCH – Cowboys and Angels – Simple classic songwriting remmenicent of Conway Twitty and a booming Baritone missing these days in the younger generation of country artists!

ALEX CLARE – Too Close So perfectly depicts the oldest cliche “Can’t live with you can’t live without you” Amazingly angst ridden and passionate and raw!

NO DOUBT – Settle Down When anyone DARES to bring up age and relevance in pop music I just say “GWEN STEFANI”!!! She’s a HOT Mama and a ROCK GODESS and her sense of FUN and this amazingly original song and production blows my mind. It is a celebration of originality! I cannot think of ANYTHING it sounds like!!!! Crank it and dance in your bedroom if ever you are having a bad day!!!!





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