Blog: My Personal Health Journey Continued

My hope is that by you reading this, it will lead you to YOUR path and process, whatever that may be. I am here to say – yes – love yourself today in whatever shape and form you are in. OF COURSE! But, also love yourself enough to be honest and not make excuses that could dampen your happiness and effect your health and ability to prosper in all ways! We, too easily, call people “curvy” as a cute way of saying “they’re not feeding their body nutritionally beneficial things” just as we call people “flaky” when in fact they are actually “inconsiderate”. I am into working on ALL aspects of myself….and this is one of them!

Weight ages people extremely fast. I look and feel ten years older with each ten lbs I gain. And, I’ve heard that said about friends, and it pains me because I know there’s someone youthful and vibrant hiding under the layers. I wear less makeup when I am eating clean and lean because I do not hafta paint a face ON my face….I am free to SHINE THROUGH! So, whenever anyone comes to that for themselves, and they are looking for solutions…. I offer my support as I did with Tamara. It is THRILLING to be a part of someone changing their life!

Also of note, since losing weight and cleaning up my diet through the BTL program two major things have occurred. A) I have become increasingly aware of my food allergies and intolerances. This allows me to make informed decisions about how much to indulge, and know what side effects may occur. B) My shape has been changed and re-sculpted permanently. The way I distribute weight is more proportionate. I used to have no waist and now there is an indentation. That is fun! I ain’t gonna lie! Knowing the cause and effect of eating certain foods is empowering. There are no accidents now. I know the science of MY own body and that is EXCITING!

I lead an amazing, balanced life, and this was an area I had not thoroughly addressed in my adult life. Like anything I dive into, I do it intensely at first and eventually it finds a natural place in my life. Now that it has….I am FREE!

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