Blog: New Message from Me

Hey everyone!!!!

I SO enjoyed the live CHAT on Monday and look forward to doing more!!!

I am honored that so many of you were there and asking amazing in depth questions!

I have been prepping for Culture Club and the CA Finale and GGF Gala and Bark in the Park….barely have had time for anything but have glanced at Twitter comments and decided to stay away yet a few more days cuz it is too insane to engage! (Present company excluded!!!)

About CA and the comments…..   It was SO weird watching this past week because I remember it as a pleasant experience! I do recall Clay and I getting into it over the mural on the wall and for ONCE Aubrey sided with me….the instructions were to get that room decorated and the walls covered someway somehow…. so I went into high gear! You will see this weekend that all’s well that ends well which is why I TOTALLY forgot about that tension by day 2 of the task let alone months later!

Also – in terms of the PSA… Clay asked us to be “fresh” eyes and ears. I have been in the studio and editing bays my whole life and I know you can get to a point where you cannot see and hear clearly as you are too close to the project. I felt that by NOT speaking up I would have been selfishly just wanting to “look good” and to be a “yes” person when in fact I felt strongly about the fact that Clay’s very passionate message about The National Inclusion Project was being diluted by too much music in addition to the kids laughing and the message was getting lost. I was A OK with him being upset temporarily but eventually he actually made some changes that helped a bit and it was all his vision simply with all of the team’s input and opinions.

I was pretty tired of the one note jokes about my career and hits. For those of you who may not know, when music is used on TV it must be “cleared”. Often publishers charge a fee. My gift to any project was being able to provide a hit song for FREE, The paperwork on SHAKE had already been done and Clay requested a hit so this was easy to facilitate. NO I do not like to hear myself sing and YES I would love to sing a newer song but …ummmm…that no one knows? How does that help…?!?! So… onward!

I am in flight as I type headed to NYC to prepare for everything ahead!

I am thrilled that Lisa L is now joining me Monday night for my Gibson Girl Gala! At the heart of this charity is the fact that we were all young aspiring performers who were fortunate enough to get high quality training and support and we are paying it forward to those young talented artists who need a boost! I love hearing what comes from this generation of talent!

I will be doing a set at Culture Club Sat night so come get your 80’s on! Still on the hunt for what to wear! You can bet it will be FUN cuz CC is and…..WHY NOT?!?

Hafta lower down now but will write more thoroughly this week so be on the lookout!

Thank you all and have a great eve and rest of week : )

SMILES !!!!!



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