NY Post: Party like it’s 1989

Article by By Brian Niemietz

The ’80s are back. Yet again. For confimation, look no further than the new Culture Club in Times Square, where, like the decade that launched Madonna and sweated out “Pac-Man Fever,” subtlety is not a strong suit. But who wants that? Instead, you can ogle a DeLorean, best-known as the car from “Back to the Future,” which is parked indoors, as well as cheesy murals from “Top Gun” and “Footloose.” Want more? “Jenny 867-5309” is spray-painted above the bathrooms. Partygoers in legwarmers and vintage parachute pants dance to tunes by the likes of Cyndi Lauper and Bon Jovi as they sip cocktails such as the Ronald Reagan, Ghostbuster and Wall Street. At Wednesday’s grand-opening bash, a Michael Jackson impersonator named MJX moonwalked, and the real Debbie Gibson performed at the neon-drenched trilevel time capsule.

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