Blog: Personal Health Journey Continued

It has become clear to me that the Health Industry puts “Industry” before “Health”. There are reasons so many celebrities look more vibrant and ageless than many people who are following what seems to be their plan of eating protein and doing pilates! I do not want to WITHHOLD info from all of you because info is empowering and allows you to decide what path is right FOR YOU! 

I recall a meeting I had with one of the leading health magazines in the country. The editors were interested in featuring me in a swimsuit on the cover! It is true that I spent many years working out and dancing and I had built muscles in that way, though they had gotten covered up. The truth about how I uncovered the layersRECENTLY, however, was not the “sound bite story” they were hoping for. I had PR folks and other biz people tell me NOT to discuss how I really lost weight and changed my lifestyle. I was advised to give the stock response of “I train daily and watch what I eat”. I refused, knowingly putting my cover story at risk. But, I couldn’t lie. I felt for that Middle America housewife who kills herself at the gym, eats healthy, and still….no results. My lie would keep her, and many others, stuck in a rut. Seeking out nutritional advice, taking proper supplementation, all were part of this journey for me and continue to be. The TRUTH lost me the cover….but, set me free. It was eye opening. So called health professionals clearly care more about sponsors, money, and painting a pretty, albeit dishonest picture. If Hollywood folks are privy to the real deal info – not “tricks” but “techniques” why shouldn’t you have access, as well? That way you can decide for yourself to what degree you want to dive into this process, and at the very least you have info and options!People freak out when they hear the word “injectable” calling it “radical”. Yet, I bet some of those same people at one time or another probably took the fad of the moment diet pill made of God knows what speed type substance, and did the cabbage soup diet starving their body of much needed protein. Many find is MORE acceptble to have SURGERY. THAT astounds me!
Using an injectable with a formula devised specifically for you, when supervised by a doctor, allow you to be self-sufficient and take care of your own health, bypassing silly office visit fees as well as side effects often caused by capsules. It’s quite an effective and empowering way of caring for your own health. I remember sitting with vitamin IV drips in my arm at age 18 from being fatigued and malnourished, but it was somehow acceptable, and even NOBLE, that I ran myself into the ground and therefore those extreme measures were acceptable. This is taking action and it is a form of preventative medicine. When I started to trim the fat, a number of issues went away. I was at one time on Xanax, Prozac, Nexium….I am not anymore! I function more like a high end sports car….good fuel in and watch me go, baby!
To be continued on Monday !

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