POPDOSE Names We Could Be Together Best Reissue of 2017

Best of 2017: 10 Albums for the Buy Curious

Keith Creighton

Best Reissues

Debbie Gibson • We Could Be Together

While the critics will oooh and aaah over the deservedly cool reissues by the likes of Radiohead, the Smiths and R.E.M., I just can’t shake my love for this massive box set from the original TayTay, Debbie Gibson. We Could Be Together (yes, I ponied up about $100 for it — get it for less via Amazon.co.uk), captures just about everything in her canon with only a few slight exceptions (my favorite being the clubby, dubby 10-minute opus, “Only in My Dreams (Dream House mix)” from the Foolish Beat 12-inch single.

Still, its hard to complain when you have hundreds of Debbie Gibson classics to rediscover or hear for the first time. Her tragically overlooked Atlantic albums, Anything is Possible and Body Mind Soul, shine especially bright here and would fit right into today’s pop radio landscape if given the chance. Edsel delivers amazing packaging, lots of photos, videos, concert recordings and deep liner notes built around an interview with Ms. Not-So-Nasty herself. The final CD in the set sticks the landing with a few plum new tunes; so here’s hoping coming off her turn on Dancing with the Stars, there’s another box set of great music still within the Divine Ms. Gibson.


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